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Top 7 Questions Every Beginner Asks About the Power Plate

by Alex Vo September 19, 2022 3 min read

Skeptical or curious about the Power Plate

Why are NASA, NFL, NBA, MLB all using Vibration Training?

We searched the web, and here are the top 7 questions every beginner asks about the Power Plate according to Google search

You ask, we answer the top 7 questions about the Power Plate]


How many too-good-to-be-true workout gimmicks have you heard and tried that left you broke and disappointed?

Because that’s what they are. Gimmicks.

Naturally, when you’ve heard about this impressive exercise vibration plate that can work on your muscles more than a regular exercise…

That merely standing or sitting on it can deliver results…

That enables your body to work harder without you putting extra effort, cutting your exercise hours by almost half…

You’re doubtful.

But even celebrities, pro athletes, and doctors are using it.  Could it finally be something worth investing in?




Top 7 Questions Every Beginner Asks About the Power Plate

  • What is a Power Plate?

Power Plate is an exercise vibration machine mostly used by athletes, the aging, and even the sedentary.

It sends harmonic micro-vibrations, working on the muscles in different directions – up-down, forward-backward, and side-to-side. 

The vibrating platform moves 25 to 50 times per second, prompting the muscles to relax and constrict in a safe, consistent, and controlled manner. 

The result? Positive health and fitness goals reached in a shorter time.

  • What does a Power Plate do?

Power Plate uses whole-body vibrations that have been shown to help address health issues.

The muscle movement is similar to what occurs during a workout but better and more intense.

There are many things a Power Plate can do that everyone from a workout beginner to a pro can benefit from it.

The Power Plate vibration machine has been a leader in the whole-body vibration category since it came out 21 years ago because of its exceptional effects.

  • How to use the Power Plate?

You can use the Power Plate by standing on it with your knees slightly bent to tone your muscles and improve your balance.

It is still better to use the Power Plate with exercise because it enhances your workout movement speeding up results and recovery time

Power Plate comes in different models and sizes. Some units can be used for targeted vibrations like the Power Plate Miniand Pulse

The aging or those with physical limitations can still use the Power Plate while in bed or sitting on the couch.

  • Do Power Plates actually work?

The short answer to this is: yes. 

Based on numerous studies conducted and from customer reviews, Power Plate does work. 

Some claim that it produces the same outcome as a 60 minutes intensive training in only 10 minutes with the Power Plate.

Most therapists add Power Plate to their sessions to help patients recover faster.

  • Are power plates worth it?

Yes! The Power Plate is a worthy investment, especially if you have an aging loved one who will benefit from the whole-body vibration therapyof the Power Plate. 

It is efficient and time-saving. You would not only see improvements in your health, you would also find more time for yourself

  • Where to buy a Power Plate?      

Power Plate machines and tools are available at Competitor’s Outlet.

They’re Power Plate’s authorized dealer and trusted partner whose priority is their customer’s needs.

  • Why is Power Plate the best?

How many exercise machines have you bought and stored away after realizing that you can’t commit the time?

How many workout tools are gathering dust in your basement? 

The Power Plate is not another money-making instrument you’ll buy and forget.

It is a top-notch vibration machine that activates your muscles more than working out alone, so it shortens your training time and still gives you your desired results.

It’s loved by gym trainers and gym-goers alike, the elderly, and patients who need to recover quickly. Even curious beginners who ask numerous questions will be happy once they’ve tried the Power Plate. Check it out today.

Where to buy Power Plate

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