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Power Plate Vibration Machines

Power Plate Vibration Machines

Power Plate Whole Body Vibration Machines

Power Plate is able to merge low-impact training with high-performance results, enabling elite competitors, recovering individuals, and anyone seeking greater fitness levels to achieve their maximum physical potential faster and more efficiently.

Vibration Trainers fully engage your muscles by stimulating natural reflexes, increasing muscle activation, and improving circulation.

The vibrations training happens in three simultaneous directions 35 times per second:

  • up / down
  • forward / backward
  • side-to-side

The training from micro-vibrations enhances health and gives you faster and longer-lasting outcomes in strength training, flexibility, circulation, weight loss, cellulite reduction, and pain relief.

With Power Plate workouts, you improve any simple or complicated exercise conducted on the ground.  

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The Power Plate Move and the Personal Power Plate (Compact)

The Personal Power plate is ideal for light travel (by car) or a compact gym space.

The Power Plate Move is great for homes, studios, or gyms looking to incorporate Power Plate training.

Power Plate My Series - My5 and My7 for Homes and Studios

The My5 is an upgrade from the Power Plate Move that features a standing column.  The stability and grips open up additional movements.

The My7 is the latest flagship vibration platform and features preprogrammed workouts for easy usage.  While this was originally designed for home gyms, many offices also opt for this model since it's friendly for staff and clients.

Power Plate Pro Series - Pro5 HP and Pro7 for Gyms and Clinics

The Pro5 HP is for serious athletes who mainly focus on speed work, strength, and core training.  No frills and all workouts.

The Pro7 is ideal for gyms that want a Vibration Training machine that has everything.  Optional login system for clients.

Power Plate is the global leading vibrating trainer company to help you PREPARE faster, PERFORM better and RECOVER quicker.

Bringing more than 20 years of experience in whole-body vibration training, Power Plate has both compact, portable versions for home use, and commercial-grade units to keep your clients happy.



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  • Power Plate Move Vibration Plate workout area
    Power Plate Move
    Save 20%
    Original Price $3,395.00
    Current Price $2,716.00
    Power Plate Power Plate MOVE - Vibration Trainer
    2 colors available

    Get better Strength, Mobility, and Cardio using the Power Plate MOVE with Precision Wave Technology   The Power Plate Move with Precision Wav...

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  • Personal Power Plate Front View
    Personal Power Plate Vibration Training Machine
    Save 24%
    Original Price $1,895.00
    Current Price $1,436.00
    Power Plate Personal Power Plate

    What is a Personal Power Plate Vibration Trainer? The Personal Power Plate is the ultimate workout solution. By exercising on this platform, ...

    View full details
  • Power Plate Pulse Attachments with Matte Red
    Power Plate Pulse Massage Gun in Matte Red
    Save 20%
    Original Price $249.00
    Current Price $199.99
    Power Plate Power Plate Pulse
    2 colors available

    Experience Deep Massages using the Power Plate Pulse with Quiet motor technology  Imagine you're sore and need to stretch. The Power Plate Pulse ma...

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