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Daily Shipping Deal: Free Shipping over $100 to Lower 48 States - ⭐ Rated 4.8/5 by Trusted Athletes
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Power Plate Vibration Machines

Power Plate Vibration Machines


Competitors Outlet exclusively carries Power Plate Vibration Trainers. These machines are designed to merge low-impact training with high-performance results. Each Power Plate model was engineered to engage your muscles through micro-vibrations that fully stimulate natural reflexes, increasing muscle activation and improving circulation.

A main benefit of this training technology is that it enables users at all fitness levels, from elite competitors to those recovering from injuries, to achieve physical goals fast and efficiently. Read below to find out how Power Plate can enhance your strength, flexibility, circulation, and more, with faster and more lasting outcomes.


Experience Strength using Power Plate with PrecisionWave™ Tech

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The Power Plate Move and the Personal Power Plate (Compact)

The Personal Power Plate and Power Plate Move are each uniquely designed for versatility and ease of use in any space. Both models are column-free, enhancing their compactness and portability, which makes them perfect for small spaces or moving from one location to another.

This feature offers a significant advantage for those who prioritize convenience without compromising on the comprehensive benefits of vibration training. Whether you're at home or on the go, these machines ensure you can maintain an effective fitness routine anywhere.

Personal Power Plate

The Personal Power Plate offers a streamlined, portable solution for enhancing your fitness routine. It features a column-free, compact design, making it exceptionally easy to transport and store, ideal for those with limited space or who require a fitness solution on-the-go.

With essential vibration settings, it supports a range of activities from quick warm-ups to intensive recovery sessions, providing the flexibility needed for effective workouts at home or away. This model is perfect for individuals seeking convenience without sacrificing the quality of their exercise experience.

Personal Power Plate Vibration Machine
Power Plate Move Vibration Machine

Power Plate Move

The Power Plate MOVE elevates the fitness experience by offering more settings and flexibility than the Personal model, making it ideal for users seeking a varied workout. It features adjustable frequency options catering to different exercise styles and intensities, enhancing high-energy workouts and recovery sessions.

The MOVE's column-free design makes it compact and suitable for small spaces and enhances its portability, allowing for easy setup anywhere in the gym. This versatility makes it a superior choice for those who want a comprehensive, customizable fitness solution.

Power Plate My Series for Homes and Studios

With the Power Plate My Series, these are tailored for homes and studios, featuring models with robust columns that enhance stability and expand training options. These columns support additional attachments and accessories, broadening the range of exercises possible.

The My Series also offers advanced frequency settings, allowing for precise control over intensity levels to suit various fitness goals—from strength building to improved flexibility and recovery. Ideal for those seeking a sophisticated, versatile fitness solution, the My Series brings professional-grade vibration training right to your doorstep.

Power Plate My5

The Power Plate My5 offers an ideal blend of functionality and compact design, suitable for both home use and fitness studios.

It includes advanced features such as variable frequency settings, allowing for tailored workouts that range from low-intensity warm-ups to high-intensity strength training sessions.

The design integrates a column for added stability and support, enabling a broader variety of exercises and making it a versatile addition to any fitness regimen. With the My5, users can efficiently enhance muscle activation, strength, and recovery, all within a user-friendly platform.

Power Plate My5 Vibration Machine
Power Plate My7 Vibration Machine

Power Plate My7

The Power Plate My7 elevates the home fitness experience beyond the My5 with its advanced Integrated Virtual Trainer technology, which provides over 250 pre-programmed workouts displayed on a built-in touch screen. This feature guides users through various exercises, enhancing the effectiveness of workouts and ensuring proper form.

Additionally, the My7 offers expanded frequency options and a larger platform, accommodating a broader range of movements and intensifying the workout possibilities.

This makes the My7 an ultimate choice for those who seek a sophisticated, interactive, and comprehensive training system in their own home.

Power Plate Pro Series for Gyms and Clinics

Here are the Elite Power Plate Pro Series, these are designed specifically for the rigorous demands of gyms and clinics. This series offers robust, commercial-grade equipment that can withstand heavy usage while providing the full benefits of vibration training.

Ideal for fitness professionals and therapeutic settings, the Pro Series enhances strength training, improves flexibility, and accelerates recovery. Equip your facility with the power of whole-body vibration technology to elevate client results and satisfaction.

Power Plate Pro5

Power Plate Pro5 Vibration Machine

Elevate your facility's offerings with the Power Plate Pro5, a pinnacle in whole-body vibration technology designed for rigorous commercial use. This machine caters to a broad range of wellness and fitness goals with its extensive frequency adjustments and a large plate surface for full-body engagement.

The Pro5 is built for durability in high-traffic environments like gyms and clinics, offering tailored workouts with its user-friendly controls and Dual Sync™ Twin Motor System for precise vibration synchronization. Ideal for enhancing performance across fitness, therapy, and rehabilitation, the Pro5 sets the standard for professional-grade equipment.

Power Plate Pro5HP

Power Plate Pro5 HP Vibration Machine

The Power Plate Pro5HP is engineered specifically for athletes, enhancing the standard Pro5's high-performance capabilities with features that cater to intense, sports-oriented workouts. This model supports rigorous athletic training with its robust construction and advanced vibration technology.

It maintains precision under high usage, ensuring optimal performance during strength, agility, and recovery sessions. The Pro5HP's expanded frequency range and sturdy platform make it ideal for athletes looking to push their limits and achieve peak performance.

Power Plate Pro7

Power Plate Pro7 Vibration Machine

The Power Plate Pro7 is the pinnacle of advanced vibration technology, offering a premier experience with its integrated touch screen that guides users through thousands of workouts and has the largest vibration platform available.

Designed for high-end fitness facilities, the Pro7 provides the most extensive range of settings and programmable features in the Power Plate lineup, suitable for athletes looking to optimize performance and recovery. Its robust design and sophisticated controls make it a top choice for professionals who demand the best fitness technology.

Power Plate Pro7HC

The Power Plate Pro7HC is expertly designed for medical facilities and treatment centers. It includes patient-friendly features like an integrated LCD touchscreen with video programs for various therapeutic needs.

Additionally, the machine is equipped with an integrated heart monitor, embedded multidirectional cables, range of motion tracking, and a real-time variable resistance display, enhancing its utility in a clinical setting.

This makes the Pro7HC an invaluable tool for improving overall health outcomes in a wellness practice.

Power Plate Pro7HC

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