Power Plate Move vs Personal Power Plate

Power Plate Move vs Personal Power Plate

The Power Plate Move vs Personal Power Plate

Wondering about the difference is between the MOVE and Personal Power Plate?


All of the Power Plate Vibration products use the same patented vibration technology to amplify results.  So good news!  That means the differences just come down to the size and settings.

Personal Power Plate vs Power Plate Move Chart

But what do customers say is important about the Personal Power Plate and the Power Plate Move?

After talking to many customers and getting feedback, the top 3 most frequently asked topics focus on these things before making a purchase.

1. Surface Area
The Personal Power Plate has a surface area of 28" by 19"
The MOVE's surface area is about 30% larger with a surface area of 30" by 24"
And compared to the My5, the MOVE is also 12.5% larger and 40% lighter than the My5.

2. Weight Difference
The PERSONAL is 35 pounds and travel friendly with it's carrying case that's included.
The MOVE is 87 pounds and ideal for a home gym setup.
3. Internal Durations
The PERSONAL goes for 1 minute intervals.
The MOVE goes for up to 9 minute intervals with more levels of HZ, high and low.


The Competitors Outlet Recommendation


 Personal Power Plate Details Power Plate Move Details

Looking for lightweight and compact?

Choose the Personal Plate.

Want more speed and timing options?

Get yourself the MOVE.


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