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TKO Strength & Performance Equipment

Get Strength with TKO Strength & Performance Fitness Equipment

TKO Fitness Equipment stands out with its versatile and durable range, designed to meet the dynamic needs of both beginners and seasoned athletes.

Known for combining functionality with sleek design, TKO offers a comprehensive selection from cardio machines to strength training gear.

Their equipment enhances workout efficiency, ensuring a balanced and impactful fitness regimen.

TKO Fitness and Gym Equipment

TKO Strength & Performance was founded in 1996 by Garry Kurtz. TKO was first a boxing equipment company (TKO = Technical Knock Out) and has since evolved into a health and fitness equipment manufacturing company.

TKO showcases a variety of both home and commercial level products. From dumbbells to functional trainers and cardio equipment and elliptical machines and indoor bikes.

TKO Functional Trainers

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TKO Leg Press Machines

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TKO Weight Benches

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  • TKO Utility Bench 862UB Side
    TKO Utility Bench 862UB
    Save 10%
    Original Price $390.00
    Current Price $350.00
    TKO TKO Utility Bench 862UB

    Get the Perfect Workout Area using the TKO Utility Bench 862UB with Compact Footprint If you need an extra bench for your home gym or commercial tr...

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