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Hip Thrust & Glutes Machines

  Tone up those Glutes and Get Explosive Power in your Core

The hips and glutes serve as the foundation for all of your movements and stability when paired with the core. The gluteal muscles or glutes, enable you to stand up straight, support the lower back, and helps produce explosiveness to help you train better. The glutes are also important for the stability of the hip joint, which contributes to a better posture and balance overall. Strong glutes mean a strong body. 

The plated kickback machines, hip thruster, and hip abduction machines, booty blaster machines all target your glutes specifically. Weight machines such as the leg press and hack squat target your glutes too, although your quads and, to a lesser degree, your hamstrings also bear some of the load. Competitors Outlet is proud to offer a wide selection of Hip & Glutes Machines from quality brand names. 

  • plated kickback machines

  • hip thruster machines

  • hip abduction machines

  • hip rotation machines

Release your inner Competitor's Outlet each and every training session with the right equipment. Reach out via web chat, phone call, or email, to get answers to your questions. We are happy to help! 

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