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Hip Thrust & Glutes Machines

The hips and glutes serve as the foundation for all of your movements and stability when paired with the core. The gluteal muscles or glutes, enable you to stand up straight, support the lower back, and helps produce explosiveness to help you train better. The glutes are also important for the stability of the hip joint, which contributes to a better posture and balance overall. Strong glutes mean a strong body. 


  Get Explosive Core with Hip Thrust, Kickback Glute, and Hip Machines

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Hip Thrust Machines

Hip thrust machines, essential for sculpting powerful glutes and enhancing core stability, offer a focused approach to lower body strengthening. They ensure safe, effective workouts, emphasizing proper form and maximizing muscle engagement. Ideal for all fitness levels, these machines are key to unlocking superior lower body power and improved athletic performance.

Steelflex PLHT Plate Loaded Hip Thruster

Best Overall Rated

Steelflex Plate Loaded Hip Thruster PLHT

The Steelflex PLHT Plate Loaded Hip Thrust combines safe, effective hip thrust exercises with a compact design, promoting explosive core strength, glute power, and hip stability with features like an industrial-grade seat belt and full-spine support. This will be a very pouplar piece of equipment in your gym.

BodyKore Hip Thrust Machine FL1844

Best for Stability and Safety

BodyKore Hip Thrust Machine with

The BodyKore Hip Thrust machine targets glutes and core strength with a secure and effective hip bridge motion, ensuring proper form and safety with a spine-supporting back pad and a comfortable padded belt. It accommodates up to 360 lbs for intensive lower body workouts.

Muscle D Elite Hip Thruster ELHT

Best for Specialized Training

Muscle D Elite Hip Thruster ELHT for Commercial Equipment

The Muscle D Elite Hip Thruster facilitates effective glute building through a safe and efficient hip bridge motion, focusing on power, stability, and lower body shaping. Its user-friendly design, complete with a commercial-grade lap belt and a full-support rotating back pad, ensures optimal performance and comfort.

Kickback Glute Machines

Kickback Glute Machines are essential for enhancing athletic performance and preventing common injuries.

They focus on strengthening key lower body muscles, leading to improved posture and reduced lower back pain.

Designed for optimal form, these machines promote balance and alignment, ensuring effective and safe workouts. Ideal for boosting lower body strength and stability, they're a valuable addition to any fitness routine.

BodyKore Stacked Series Rear Kick GR810

Best Overall Rated

BodyKore Stacked Series Rear Kick GR810 Machine

The BodyKore Rear Kick machine, designed to optimize glute workouts with its biomechanical design and plate-loading capability, allows for intensive training with Olympic weights. Key features, including urethane-covered handles, contoured cushions, and a large non-slip footplate, ensure stability, comfort, and durability for users seeking lower body strength and tone.

TKO Rear Kick and Glute Machine 909AB

Best Ergonomics

TKO Rear Kick and Glute Machine 909AB

The TKO Rear Kick 909AB machine, with its ergonomic design including an Oversized Pivot, offers a smooth and effective way to shape and tone glutes through kickback exercises. Suitable for both home and commercial settings, it provides customizable adjustments to fit various workout preferences, making it a must-have for any fitness regimen.

Steelflex PLHE Plate Loaded Hip & Glute Machine

Best for Muscle Gains

Steelflex PLHE Plate Loaded Hip Extension & Glute Machine for Body Builders

The Steelflex Plate Loaded Hip Extension PLHE machine is designed for developing explosive strength in the hips and glutes, designed for significant muscle gains. The unique weight horn makes it easy to workout.  Its heavy-duty construction and ergonomic design, featuring high-density foam and industrially rated bearings, ensure durability and comfort during intense glute and hamstring workouts.

Hip Abduction and Adduction Machines

Hip and Thigh Machines are versatile tools designed to strengthen and tone the inner and outer thigh muscles. By offering a balanced workout, they help users achieve a more symmetrical lower body, enhancing both appearance and functional strength.

These machines are beneficial for improving mobility, supporting core stability, and contributing to overall lower body health, making them a valuable addition to any fitness routine.

TKO Inner and Outer Thigh Machine 8807

Best User Comfort

TKO 8807 Inner and Outer Thigh Machine

The TKO Dual Inner and Outer Thigh Machine 8807 offers a compact solution for toning, shaping, and strengthening legs and hips, supporting both Adduction and Abduction exercises with its versatile 11-position cam adjustment. Built with durable materials like gauge steel and an aluminum base, it also features a 170lb weight stack for various fitness levels.

TKO Hip Abduction and Adduction Machine 7015-G2

Best Durability in High Traffic Gym

TKO 7015-G2 Hip Abduction and Adduction Machine

The TKO Hip Abduction and Adduction Machine offers swiveling thigh pads and range of motion control, enabling both leg separation and closing exercises. Designed for user comfort and privacy, it features a tower-facing, reclined seating position and is built with high-resilience foam and durable PU leather, supporting up to 200 lbs.

BodyKore Hip Adductor/Abductor GR632

Best Overall Rated

BodyKore Hip Adductor/Abductor- GR632 Selectorized Weights Click to expand BodyKore Hip Adductor/Abductor- GR632 BodyKore Hip Adductor/Abductor- GR632 Selectorized Weights BodyKore Hip Adductor/Abductor GR632

The BodyKore Isolation Series Hip Abductor/Adductor machine combines commercial-grade durability with a compact design, ideal for both home and commercial gym settings, and features a 220lb weight stack. With adjustable settings, six range of motion adjustments, and a no-cable-change design, you get leg stability and strength on leg day.

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    BodyKore BodyKore Hip Thrust FL1844

    Isolate your Glutes and Get Core Power in your lower body with the BodyKore Hip Thrust The Hip Thrust safely isolates your glutes, building power ...

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    TORQUE Torque Glute Ham Developer

    Torque Glute Ham Developer The X-Series Glute Ham Developer was engineered for stability and ease of adjustment.  The 3" x 3" 11 gauge triangulate...

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