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Stair Climbers

Stair Climbers Competitos Outlet

Walking uphill or climbing a staircase are both regarded as the best methods to increase cardio, strength, and overall stamina. It’s no wonder then that indoor stair climbing machines have become so popular. Competitors Outlet's machine selection combines durability and a streamlined feature set for light industrial and home use applications.

Choose from our selection from the cult favorite gym brands, Jacobs Ladder's selection of self-powered ladder-mill climbers and stair climbers, such as The Stairway and The Stairway GTL to RopeFlex's rope training climber. 

Each of these effective cardio climbing machines is a great addition to a commercial facility or home gym.

Enjoy free shipping and responsive support via, phone call, text, email, webchat. Competitors Outlet live customer care is always nearby to assist! 


  • Jacobs Ladder X Size Reference
    Jacobs Ladder X - Climbing Machine
    Save 4%
    Original Price $7,295.00
    Current Price $6,995.00
    JACOBS LADDER Jacobs Ladder X

    Jacobs Ladder X - Deluxe Residential and Home Gym Unit Climbing Machine Test your ability to push your body to its limits with the Jacobs Ladder ...

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