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Functional Trainers

Get Full Body Strength with Functional Trainers

A Functional Trainer is an excellent piece of equipment to expand your exercise selection. Compared to most machines for the amount of exercise that can be done within a small footprint, the functional trainer reigns superior.

Conveniently, hundreds of different exercises can be done within one unit to train each muscle for a full-body workout. Similar to cable machines in a commercial gym for pull-downs, cable crossovers, and various other exercises, functional trainers use resistance training that can work the most muscle groups in one machine in a safe and effective way. 

The cables and weight stacks ensure that the weight will not fall or cause harm to the user and there is no need for a spotter when performing heavier lifts. The cable systems these machines utilize, allow for exercises to be performed in every plane of movement. For these reasons, professional athletes to fitness enthusiasts consider the functional trainer the quintessential strength and resistance training tool in their regular workout routines.

Functional Trainers can come in different variations:
  • Single Stack Functional Trainer
  • Dual Stack Functional Trainer
  • Dual Stack Functional Trainer with accessories
  • All-in-one Functional Trainer with smith machine, power cage, landmine, etc.

For more information about Functional Trainers - check out the Complete Guide to Functional Trainers here.

  • TKO-Light-Functional-Trainer-Black
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    TKO TKO Light Functional Trainer 8051FT
    2 colors available

    TKO Functional Trainer The perfect solution for any Light Commercial or Home use FT.  The 8051FT gives users the ability to achieve a great workout...

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  • $15,942.95
    TORQUE TORQUE 2-Module X-SELECT 2-Sided Center - X1 Cable Station Package
    2 colors available

      TORQUE 2-Module X-SELECT 2-Sided Center - X1 Cable Station Package One side features two cable component station modules that can be used toge...

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