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Calf Machines

Get Calf Size and Strength with our Calf Machines

Are you tired of having chicken legs that look like toothpicks stuck in a pair of socks? It's time to invest in a calf machine from Competitor's Outlet!

Our calf machines are the ultimate tool for building strong, defined calves that will make all your friends jealous (or at least, the ones who care about calf muscles). With a range of exercises to choose from, you can work on your gastrocnemius, soleus, and even your tibialis anterior muscles (just kidding, we're not sure what that one does either).

You can choose Calf Machines with padded leg rolls or a comfortable backrest, you can be standing (or seated, depending on the machine) in comfort while you work those calf muscles.

So don't wait any longer to achieve your dream calves. Order a calf machine from Competitor's Outlet now and start seeing results!

  • TKO Leg and Calf Press 8805
    Save 9%
    Original Price $3,840.00
    Current Price $3,490.00
    TKO TKO Leg and Calf Press 8805

    Get Leg Strength and Perfect Form with the TKO Leg and Calf Press Machine  The TKO Leg and Calf Press 8805 offers you a variety of workouts in a sm...

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