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Lat Pulldown, Back, and Row Machines

Get Strong with our Premium Lat Pull Down, Back, and Row Machines

Back muscles are the engine for torso movement. By working on your back muscles, you are strengthening the major support framework for your entire body and sculpting a “V” shape look in your physique. A healthy and strong back will support and brace your spine, making it easier to achieve your health and fitness goals. 

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Our selection includes:

Assisted Chin Up and Dip Machines

Great for working on your pull-ups, the weighted assist foot pedal helps users maintain good pull-up form through the entire rep movement. The lat bar across the top of the machine has multiple grips to engage your lats in different ways. And the dip station can be used for dips or hanging leg raises. This station allows you to do both exercises in one footprint, instead of separating a dip station and a back station.

Lat Pulldown Machines 

This is a classic gym favorite that everyone uses.  

Cable Lat Pulldowns

The weight stack is lifted by the user pulling down on a lat bar connected to a cable pulley system.
With a Cable Lat Pulldown, this machine has the advantage to swap out the bar attachments for more workout versatility with different grips (wide grip, narrow grip, curl bar, etc).   
If you can raise or lower the pulley system, a mid-pulley position allows you to perform cable rows for a middle back workout.  A low pulley height position near the ground, allows you to add bicep curls or leg workouts.

Machine Lat Pulldowns

Machine Lat Pulldowns solely focus on back and biceps and traditionally use weight plates.  Users grip the handles that start in an overhead position, and then pull down the metal levers to engage the lat muscles. 
With a Machine Lat Pulldown, the lat workout is more controlled and follows a curved, or divergent angle during a rep.  
This machine allows for much higher weight capacity and extremely safe. With independent arms, you’ll guarantee that each side of your back muscles are evenly and independently trained.  

Row machines 

Row Machines focus on building strength in your back and shoulders. Rows are ideal for people who want to improve their posture and overall body strength without having to use free weights or barbells.

There are two main types of row machines:

Cable Row machines 

A type of weight machine specifically designed to target your mid back muscles, rear shoulders, core, and biceps. They include a seat, cable pulleys, and weight stacks so you can easily adjust the amount of resistance depending on your needs.

Seated Machine Rows 

The most popular type of row machine, machine rows are designed to help you build strength and definition in your back muscles. You perform exercises with a chest pad and can work out with the highest weight capacity.

T-Bar Row Machines 

The T-Bar Row Machine helps develop strength in your lats, rhomboids, and biceps.  This exercise can help strengthen your core as well as your shoulders and thighs.

The bent-over row may be performed with a straight or V-handle attachment to increase difficulty or allow a greater range of motion.

Single Stack and Multi-Station Gym Machines 

What's the difference? Single-stack and multi-station gym machines are similar in that both come with a variety of exercise options.

A single stack machine is available in a single unit that ensures a multitude of exercise options; while, a multi-station gym machine offers an array of separate units that target specific muscle groups. While there may be some overlap, it's important to note that each one offers something different.

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  • Steelflex T-Bar Row PLTR Dimensions
    Steelflex T-Bar Row PLTR
    Save 11%
    Original Price $1,799.00
    Current Price $1,599.00
    Steelflex Steelflex T-Bar Row PLTR

    Strengthen and Build Your Back Muscles with SteelFlex T-Bar Row  The Steelflex Plate Loaded T-Bar Row PLT is an adjustable, high-class chest...

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  • SportsArt Lat Pulldown P726
    Save 6%
    Original Price $3,595.00
    Current Price $3,395.00
    SportsArt SportsArt Lat Pulldown P726

    SportsArt’s Lat Pulldown The SportsArt Performance Strength Series combines quality and value in an elegant circuit of over 20 stations designed t...

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