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Daily Shipping Deal: Free Shipping over $100 to Lower 48 States - ⭐ Rated 4.8/5 by Trusted Athletes
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Stall Bars, Wall Bars, and Swedish Ladders

Get Explosive Core Strength with Stall Bars, Wall Bars, and Swedish Ladders

Looking to improve your upper body and core strength? Stall Bars are a great addition to any home gym or fitness facility.  Stall Bars (also known as Wall Bars or Swedish Ladders) are versatile and compact pieces of equipment.

Our collection features a range of styles to suit different exercise needs and budgets.  They are a great tool for building strength, flexibility, and conditioning because it provides so many various exercises for both individual and group training.

A variety of exercises can be performed, including pull-ups, dips, leg raises, and more.

All of our stall bars are made from high-quality wood or steel, and are built to withstand heavy use. Whether you're just starting out on your fitness journey or are a seasoned athlete, you'll find a stall bar that's perfect for your needs in our collection.


Why Buy a Stall Bar

  • Versatility - Stall bars offer a wide range of exercises and stretches, including pull-ups, leg lifts, and back extensions, making them an excellent addition to any home gym.
  • Space-saving - Stall bars are typically mounted to the wall, which means they take up minimal floor space, making them ideal for those with limited space.
  • Low-impact - Stall bars are low-impact, which means they are easy on the joints and suitable for users of all ages and fitness levels.

How to Evaluate for Stall Bars

  • Consider the Size - Measure your space to ensure the stall bars you choose will fit in your desired location. Look for models that are designed to be space-saving or can be installed without drilling holes.
  • Evaluate the Materials - Look for stall bars that are made of durable materials such as solid steel and high-quality wood. Consider the weight capacity and the quality of the hardware used for mounting.
  • Accessories and Functionality - Look for stall bars that offer a variety of exercises and stretches, and consider whether you want a multi-functional model or one designed specifically for certain exercises.
  • Consider Your Budget - Stall bars can range in price from budget-friendly to high-end models. Determine your budget before you begin shopping to narrow down your options and ensure you get the best value for your money.

Best Stall Bars, Wall Bars, and Swedish Ladders

Now you're armed with all the basic information you need to properly evaluate stall bars, so let's get into some specifics. Below is a curation of our top recommendations base on the style, budget or features of that you might need.

If none of these feel like the right fit for you, you can always scroll down to the bottom and view ALL of our Stall Bars. Or when in doubt, shoot us an email at hello@competitorsoutlet.com, and we’ll be happy to help further!



Best Overall Stall Bar with Bench for Home Gym

BenchK 733B

If you were to ask any of the staff here at Competitors Outlet which stall bar we would purchase for ourselves, almost everyone would choose the BenchK 733B. This stall bar is manufactured to a quality standard that you won't find with most other companies. It's made of solid steel and high-quality beechwood, which means it's sturdy, durable, and can support up to 330 lbs.

Here are a few other reasons we LOVE the BenchK 733B:

  • Easy Installation - Assembly can be done with minimal tools required!
  • Versatile Functionality - It offers a wide range of exercises and stretches, including pull-ups, leg lifts, and back extensions, making it an excellent home gym or gym addition.
  • Adjustable Dip Station - The dip attachment can be adjusted to different heights, which means it can accommodate users of all ages and sizes.

Investing in a quality stall bar like the BenchK 733B will provide you with a versatile and durable piece of equipment for your home gym. It's a solid choice for anyone looking to add functional training and bodyweight exercises to their fitness routine.

BenchK 733B Wall Bar Home Gym


Best Value Stall Bar

BenchK Wall Bar 100 

If you’re looking for a quality desk at a lower price than the BenchK 733B, it’s hard to go wrong with the BenchK 100 Series. These stall bars are reliable, easy to assemble, and have family friend add ons.

  • Provides a full-body calisthenics workout with a small, compact footprint
  • Versatile for home or professional use in various activities such as strength training, mobility drills, postural correction, and core strengthening
  • Family friend attachments like swing rope and small office desk, making this suitable and functional for the entire family
  Best Budget Wall Bar BenchK 100


Best Stall Bar Accessories and Attachment

If you're looking for the best stall bar accessory, there are a few great options to choose from.  Competitors Outlet love the Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar and Dip Bar.  While safe to mount to a wall, it's designed to fit seamlessly with our Stall Bars.  Easy to adjust, great to have, and adds immense versatility to your workout stall bar station.
  • Easy removability and height adjustability from any BenchK Wall Bar Series without leaving markings
  • Non-slip, ergonomically shaped hand grips provide a secure and comfortable grip during workouts, promoting proper form and technique
  • Durable design with a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs and a 10-year warranty on metal elements.
BenchK Stall Bar Accessory - Pull Up Bar and Dip Bar


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