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Leg Press Machines

Leg Press Machines - the Foundation of all Power and Movement  

Leg press machines are the gateway to this transformation.

Like the wise mentor in every hero’s journey, these machines guide you, offering you the safety, stability, and resistance you need to embark on your path to greater strength. Each repetition is a step forward, each set a conquest over your former limits.

In our collection, you'll find a diverse range of leg press machines, each with unique features and designs. From the compact machines for home heroes, to the commercial-grade giants for those on a professional quest, we have the perfect companion for your journey.

  • Horizontal Leg Press: Also known as the seated leg press, it has a seat that you sit upright in and a plate that's directly in front of you to push. It's great for beginners and is typically found in commercial gyms.
  • 45-Degree Leg Press: This type of leg press allows you to sit in a reclined position and push the plate at an upward angle. It's beneficial for targeting the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.
  • Vertical Leg Press: With this type of machine, you lie on your back and press upwards against gravity. It's often considered more challenging because of the direct resistance.
  • Hack Squat Leg Press: This machine allows you to perform a leg press and a hack squat in the same machine. It offers a full range of motion and targets different leg muscles.
  • Single Leg Press: This type of leg press machine lets you work each leg independently, helping to build balanced strength.

These machines are not just tools, they're catalysts for change, ushering you from your ordinary world to one of extraordinary strength and achievement.

Browse our collection and choose the leg press machine that will guide you towards your transformation. Embark on your path to greater strength.

  • TKO Leg Press 908LP Levers
    TKO Leg Press 908LP
    Save 9%
    Original Price $3,620.00
    Current Price $3,290.00
    TKO TKO Leg Press 908LP

    You'll Never Skip Leg Day with the TKO Leg Press 908LP Prepare your legs for a power-packed workout with TKO's Leg Press machine. By pushing agains...

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  • Muscle D 45-Degree Linear Leg Press Machine MD-LPM
    Muscle D 45-Degree Linear Leg Press Machine MD-LPM
    MUSCLE D Muscle D 45-Degree Linear Leg Press Machine MD-LPM
    2 colors available

    Strengthen and Build Your Legs with MD-LPM Linear Leg Press Machine The MD Series 45 Degree Linear Leg Press Machine builds and strengthens thighs,...

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