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Why Invest in the Power Plate for Your Aging Loved Ones

by Alex Vo September 19, 2022 3 min read

We will always be surprised by getting older.

Sometimes we're reminded by aches and pains, and the only way we know is by our health. 

Get ahead of health problems by encouraging older family members to maintain their fitness.

Read below to find out why people invest in a Power Plate.

Why Invest in the Power Plate for Your Aging Loved Ones


When did it finally sink in that you’re not as young as you used to be?

Was it the first sight of wrinkles under your eyes? When you spot the first strand of grey hair?

The first stab of pain in your joints?

Or when you realize that you used to walk out the door at 9 PM to a party, but now you’re in bed at 8 PM exhausted?

The word elderly is frequently used to describe anyone over 65 years old.

But the signs of aging slowly creep in every day.

With your age increasing comes the realization that your loved ones are also joining the senior group.

You may have noticed your parents slowing down and their memory getting shorter.

In most cases, aging comes with pain and health complications.

You don’t need to watch your loved ones suffer through it when it can be avoided or alleviated.

One of the best ways to keep them healthy and independent for a long time is to invest in a Power Plate. Why? Its vibration therapy can combat the unpleasant effects of aging. 


What is Power Plate Vibration Therapy?

The micro-vibration from the Power Plate works on your every muscle, moving them in three dimensions and bringing exceptional health benefits.


Why Invest in the Power Plate for Your Aging Loved Ones

Aging slows down metabolism and weakens your body. It makes you more prone to chronic diseases and accidents.

You should invest in the Power Plate for your aging loved ones. Here is why:


Power Plate enhances circulation

Power Plate for Your Aging Loved Ones

Poor circulation makes the skin thinner, less hydrated, and less nourished, causing dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Power Plate helps distribute oxygen and nutrients to your skin and other organs.

Its vibration therapy also increases collagen production.

Collagen, responsible for the connective tissue’s rigidity and resistance to stretching, makes the skin more supple and elastic.


Power plate strengthens weak muscles and bones

Power plate strengthens weak muscles and bones

Muscle tissue regeneration becomes slower, and muscles become stiff as you age.

Less activities, especially for your retired or bed-ridden loved ones, lead to atrophy, making muscles weak and painful.

Vibration therapy causes all muscles to rapidly move as the Power Plate sends micro-vibration throughout the body.

It’s like activating the muscles during a workout without conscious exertion.

Vibration therapy can loosen tensed muscles alleviating pain.

The Power Plate has become a valuable exercise machine for aging for these reasons.

Fall accidents are prevalent with the elderly because they have less musculoskeletal support, making them unsteady.

Falling can fracture their bones and bump their heads, causing blood clots in the brain.

Power Plate strengthens and tones the muscles, improving mobility, balance, and flexibility.

It also increases bone mass production, protecting them from deterioration.

Investing in the Power Plate for your aging loved ones is better than paying endless hospital bills.


Power Plate improves mood

Power Plate improves mood

Can you remember an older neighbor who’s always grumpy about something?

Or your grandma who likes to keep to herself?

Sluggishness and vulnerability can make most anyone depressed, especially elderlies.

There is less serotonin level when you’re unable to exercise or go out of the house.

The vibration therapy of Power Plate can increase the amount of serotonin, helping your aging loved ones feel more cheerful.

Their mental health is just as important as their physiological wellness.

Make sure to keep their happy hormones level up with a few minutes of standing or sitting on the Power Plate.


Final Thoughts

Most people associate aging with pain, slowing down, and melancholy days ahead.

No wonder a lot of people dread it.

But you can change that.

With the help of Power Plate, you can look forward to aging gracefully---and healthily.

Power Plate addresses issues commonly experienced by the elderly such as back pain, sore muscles, bone deterioration, skin problems, and depression.

You should invest in the Power Plate to make aging pleasant and healthy for your loved ones.

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