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Power Plate for Stronger Bones and Healthier Joints

Power Plate for Stronger Bones and Healthier Joints

Consistent vibration therapy from Power Plate, combined with a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle can maintain stronger bones and healthier joints.


Power Plate for Stronger Bones and Healthier Joints

Did you know?

Bone stops growing in length during adolescence but bone density changes throughout a person’s life.

Our bone health is comprised of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and collagen.

These minerals diminish over time, depending on your food, habits, and health.

Bone loss can be caused by aging, poor diet, hormonal changes, and a sedentary lifestyle.

Bones, muscles, synovium, cartilage, and ligaments make up our joints.

The joint itself, is formed at the attachment where two bones come together.

Without preventive care, as we age, our cartilage thins, making our joints less flexible and uncomfortable to move.

Since aging decreases bone density, we'll discuss how exercising with a Power plate can help keep our bones and joints in optimal health.

Evidence of Power Plate for Stronger Bones and Healthier Joints

The Power Plate vibration machine delivers pleasant, persistent micro-vibrations that causes rapid muscle contraction and expansion. 

When you use the Power Plate, the bones are stimulated, which promotes growth.

Here are some fascinating results from a study done by the University of North Carolina's Department of Medicine, conducted to find the effects of vibrations on bone density:

  1. Vibration increases the release of anabolic genes (promoting metabolic activity) in the tendons, which attaches muscle to bone.
  2. Some studies also confirmed that whole-body vibration (WBV) improved bone mass density (BMD) for women after menopause.
  3. There was a notable increase in the femoral neck BMD and an increase in lumbar spine bone among 15–25 years old with idiopathic scoliosis exposed to low-magnitude, high-frequency WBV (32–37 Hz, 0.3g) for 20 mins a day, 5 days a week for 12 months.
  4. Resistance training programs such as squat and lunge combined with low-intensity vibration (35–40 Hz, 2–5g) brought 15% increases in knee strength.
  5. Vibration therapy helps increase testosterone levels, which regulate the bone remodeling process.
  6. WBV therapy is effective for patients with osteoporosis. It is also efficient for postmenopausal women, the overweight, and those with scoliosis.

Power Plate for Osteoporosis

Power Plate for Osteoporosis

According to Hopkins Medicine, A "T score" of -1 to +1 is the ideal bone density for adults. A "T score" of -2.5 or lower is low enough to be categorized as osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is more prevalent in women than men and is often associated with age and other health issues.

If ignored, bones become so affected with osteoporosis that a slight bump can cause a fracture, often in the hips, wrist, or spine.

The increase in bone density using a Power Plate is beneficial for osteoporosis and bone degeneration treatment.

Bed-bound or frail patients with bone and joint issues in certain areas can benefit from the Power Plate pulse and the Power Plate mini.

They can stay in bed or sit comfortably while targeting affected areas with low-frequency vibration.


Other ways to keep stronger bones and healthier joints

Eat green vegetables rich in calcium, such as broccoli, cabbage, and okra. Add soya beans, tofu, and plant-based drinks to your diet for healthier joints and stronger bones.

The sun is a natural source of Vitamin D. Not to mention free. Other sources of Vitamin D are mushrooms, cereals, plant-based milk, and supplements. Experts recommend 600 IU of Vitamin D for people 1 to 70 years and 800 IU for those over 70.

Resistance training or weightlifting have shown to increase bone mineral density and bone size. Combine exercise with a Power Plate to maximize the effects of the workout for stronger and healthier bones and joints.

Women below the age of 50 should have 1,000 mg daily dose of calcium. The same dosage is ideal for men 70 years old and younger. Women over 50 and men over 70 should take 1,200 mg of calcium daily. Calcium is abundant in plant-based milk such as almond, pea, soy, and flaxseed.


Final Thoughts

With the positive results from different studies, Power Plate shows to be helpful in maintaining stronger bones and healthier joints not only in the elderly, but for those at risk of bone loss.

If you have any questions about getting a Power Plate, toss us an email to hello@competitorsoutlet.com

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