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How Power Plate Help You Lose Weight and Reduce Cellulite

How Power Plate Help You Lose Weight and Reduce Cellulite

How Power Plate Help You Lose Weight and Reduce Cellulite

Those extra fats in your abs, arms, and thighs are as stubborn as a teenager who’s got her mind set on something.

How many hours have you spent doing cardio, stretching, and other high-intensity workouts to lose weight and reduce cellulite?

How many calories have you cut back?

If only you could speed up your weight loss training without adding more hours or depriving yourself of more delicious food.

Well, Power Plate may be the answer for you. 


How Power Plate Help You Lose Weight and Reduce Cellulite

How Power Plate Help You Lose Weight and Reduce Cellulite

Power Plate induces vibration that increases muscle activity and enhances metabolism. This means more calories burned and fats reduced.

Using the Power Plate is like doing your usual weight loss workout. Only this time, your muscles and tissues are doing their own intensive exercises with the help of the vertical, horizontal, and sagittal (up and down) vibration.

Power Plate doubles your workout without doubling your exertion.

You can stand on the Power Plate exercise machine and let its revolutionary whole-body vibration therapy work in your body.

Or see your desired results faster by incorporating it with weight loss exercises.


Power Plate on fat and weight loss

A study was conducted on overweight and obese adults where the vibration of low to high amplitude and frequencies of 30 to 40 Hz using the Power Plate was applied.

They have found a significant decrease in % body fat after 3 months.

In separate research, using the Power Plate vibration machine helped women lose an average of 11% of their body weight in the first six months. After a year, they maintained a 10.5% weight loss.

Gain weight is caused by many factors. Your diet, genetics, activity, and lifestyle affect your weight.

Power Plate plays a vital role in helping burn fats by 20% and in losing weight. That means if you can burn 100 calories in a 20-minute workout, the Power Plate vibration machine can burn up to 120 calories in the same amount of time.

It would be helpful to note that a less active person will have a slower metabolism and therefore burn fewer calories at the start.


Power Plate on cellulite reduction

Cellulite is the result of fat buildup under the skin. It’s usually found in the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, and hips.

It’s also called orange-peel skin because of its texture and appearance.

They make your skin look dimpled and lumpy.

Cellulite is more prevalent in women than in men.

With reduced body fats comes the reduction of cellulite.

Exercise can help tighten the skin making cellulite less noticeable. A toned body also looks firmer and smoother

Power Plate burns fats and reduces the fat deposit underneath your skin.

The vibration from Power Plate enhances blood circulation, which increases oxygen distribution.

A healthy distribution of oxygen means high collagen production that maintains skin elasticity.

Power Plate vibration machine helps tone your muscles and tightens the skin making it less likely to sag. This decreases the chances of cellulite formation.


Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction Benefits

Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction Benefits

Losing weight and reducing cellulite is more than just vanity. It’s about putting your health first.

A healthy weight makes you less prone to diseases.

Health risks linked to obesity are cardiovascular diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, gout, cancer, breathing problems, asthma, restrictive pulmonary damage, and in some cases, infertility.

There is a higher risk of developing breast cancer for adult women who gained weight after menopause than those who lost weight post menopause.

When you maintain a healthy weight, you can move better.

Although cellulite poses no harm, most people agree that they feel more confident when their cellulite is less obvious.


Final Thoughts

Merely standing or sitting on the Power Plate does its job, but you can lose weight and reduce cellulite faster if you use it with exercises.

Doing your crunches, squats, kettlebell workouts, planks, sit-ups, and Russian twists on the Power Plate can help accelerate fat loss and cellulite reduction. 

Experts continue to study the effects of Power Plate whole-body vibration therapy on weight loss. The majority have observed a significant difference when using the Power Plate vibration machine compared to exercising alone.

With a proper diet and healthy lifestyle, you can lose weight and reduce your cellulite appearance in a shorter period with the help of Power Plate.

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