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Power Plate for Faster Recovery and Rehabilitation

Power Plate for Faster Recovery and Rehabilitation

Injuries, surgeries, strokes, weariness from exercise, or after an exhausting day of athletic work

The majority of these are unavoidable, and rest is vital for the body's recovery.

However, relaxing for an extended period of time can be hazardous.

After prolonged periods of inactivity, you risk losing muscle density and your bones weakening. Your metabolic burn rate may drop, which means fat and sugar breakdown takes longer, resulting in weight gain.

If you want to avoid health hazards, it's critical to be active and healthy. That is why some people seek to speed up their rehabilitation process.

And they can do that with the help of the Power Plate.

Next, we'll find out why Power Plate is used to aid in the healing and rehabilitation of patients, the elderly, and athletes.



Power Plate for Faster Recovery and Rehabilitation

Power Plate vibration therapy for stroke and multiple sclerosis

Power Plate is more than just a piece of fitness equipment. It is also a tool that physical therapists can use to assist their patients heal faster.

Most vibration plates operate in 2 dimensions, which is up and down, and then side to side.  A Power Plate vibrates in three dimensions: up and down, side-to-side, and front to back.

This causes increased vibrational resistance, which causes faster muscular contractions. It activates approximately 200% more muscle spindles to operate on muscles that have been inert and are difficult to engage.

These vibrations are beneficial for folks who have physical restrictions and need to ease back into physical activities.


Power Plate vibration therapy for stroke and multiple sclerosis

Power Plate for Faster Recovery and Rehabilitation

Stroke sufferers require activities that reduce blood pressure and improve circulation. However, overexertion may be too dangerous for them.

Standing or sitting on the Power Plate can help improve their circulation and is a low-impact activity.

Research that applies Whole Body Vibration in Physical Therapy and Sport, shows that practicing Whole Body Vibration Therapy (WBV) right before a rehabilitation session helps improve muscle stability and decreases muscle stiffness.

The Power Plate stimulates the lymphatic system, which eliminates excess stored cholesterol from peripheral tissues.

Vibration treatment can also help people with multiple sclerosis (MS) enhance their muscular strength and functionality. The first hyperlink provides comprehensive information about scientific research.

Next, you'll learn how Power Plate helps with Arthritis and Muscle Problems.


Power Plate vibration therapy for arthritis and muscle problems

Power Plate vibration therapy for arthritis and muscle problems

Being sedentary from too much rest, can cause muscles to become tense and rigid. If you're coming into contact with the vibration from a Power Plate, your muscles will relax and contract without conscious effort.

Vibration therapy loosens tight muscles and improves more range of motion than the same exercise movement with just traditional weight-training.

Power Plate is also helpful for alleviating pain and enhancing movement in arthritis.

The micro-vibrations from the Power Plate is also used for muscle recovery for athletes or post-surgery patients. With enhanced circulation, oxygen and nutrients needed by muscles and tissues to repair are distributed well.

Those on bed rest for a long time, have muscle atrophy, and those recovering from physical injury or trauma can recuperate and rehabilitate faster with the help of Power Plate.


Power Plate vibration therapy for osteoporosis and joint pain


Power Plate vibration therapy for osteoporosis and joint pain


Power Plate vibration treatment is beneficial to those who have lost bone density as they age, as well as those who have been sedentary for a long and want to get back into shape to strengthen their joints.

Micro-vibrations from whole-body exercises on the power plate alter the body's bone building process. These vibration resistances successfully aid in the fight against osteoporosis onset.

Fitness exercises can sometimes be difficult motions if you have joint pain.

The contractions caused by the Power Plate's oscillation serve to alleviate joint tension and strengthen the muscles that surround them for greater support.



Power Plate vibration therapy for general pain


Power Plate vibration therapy for general pain

Local or whole-body vibration therapy with Power Plate has provided alleviation for those who suffer from neck and back pain, shoulder pain, knee and ankle pain, chronic fatigue, and posture issues.

WBV training stimulates muscle fibers and develop core stability muscles in patients with lower back pain, improving back function.


Final Thoughts



Power Plate vibration therapy


A significant supplement to the recovery and rehabilitation of athletes, the elderly, and patients who had surgery, trauma, and other medical concerns is power plate vibration treatment.

Physically hurt people are restricted in their range of motion. They may experience depression, anxiety, demotivation, and exhaustion as a result of the radical shift in their lifestyle.

They can recuperate and return to regular life more quickly if rehabilitation begins as soon as possible.

With the use of Power Plate, therapists noticed improvements in physical strength and mobility as well as a decrease in discomfort and soreness.

It would be wise to keep in mind that the length of healing is based on how severe the patient's illness is.

Always ask your doctor which treatment will be most effective for you.

Utilize the Power Plate to heal and recover more quickly, allowing you to resume your normal activities pain-free.


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