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How to Build Muscle Mass Using Power Plate

How to Build Muscle Mass Using Power Plate

How to Build Muscle Mass Using Power Plate

You're looking to build muscle mass and increase strength with a Power Plate machine.

Athletes build muscle mass to perform better and win.

Others need muscle gains as they recover and rehabilitate due to injury or other health reasons leading to atrophy.

As men and women reach their 80s, their skeletal muscle mass declines by 30 to 50%. Sarcopenia is a prevalent condition in older adults. It is a progressive loss of muscle mass and function. 

Using the Power Plate will enable you to accomplish your objectives more quickly and effectively, no matter why you want to increase your muscle mass.

How to Build Muscle Mass Using Power Plate

Director at the Applied Science and Performance Institute, Dr. Jacob Wilson, explained the self-swelling theory. When you pump up, your muscle cells see swelling as a “threat” so they start to grow.

It’s when "you're beating the muscle up so much that it has no choice but to develop" that helps increase muscle mass.

Your muscles receive stimulation whether you are sitting, standing, or exercising on the Power Plate.

The power Plate vibration machine is an effective instrument for increasing muscle development because it encourages your muscles to rapidly contract and release in a matter of seconds.

The vibration from Power Plate makes you work double as you try to stabilize yourself, engaging multiple muscle fibers.

To increase your muscular mass, perform your lunges, squats, planks, sit-ups, and yoga positions on the Power Plate.  See Power Plate workouts here.

When combined with traditional resistance training, Power Plate improves neuromuscular performance and increases muscle growth compared to resistance training alone.

Additionally, it has been demonstrated that vibration raises testosterone levels, which are linked to muscle building.

Vibration frequency and amplitude matter

According to a study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine, whole-body vibration frequency of 30 Hz frequency and an amplitude of 6 mm respectively doubled the muscle’s myoelectric (electric properties of muscles) activity.

The highest myoelectric activity recorded was when the frequency and amplitude of the vibration were 60 Hz and 4 mm.

Here are some benefits of having a good muscle mass.

Benefits of Healthy Muscle Mass

Strengthens bones and joints

Bone density can be improved by increasing muscle mass.

You stimulate your body to release the nutrients (calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, and vitamin K) that help grow bones when you exert your muscles to increase their mass.

Muscles shield joints from discomfort caused by arthritis or accidents.

Enhance mobility and strength

Life would be better when…

You can easily open a bottle of water when you’re thirsty.

You can throw your toddler up in the air (and hear him giggle).

You can carry heavy bags of groceries without problems.

When you work out to build muscle mass, you also enhance your strength, stamina, and mobility.

You look more fit and feel better

Let’s face it, ripped or toned looks good. You fit better in your clothes. Your body looks more proportioned.

The effect is not only physical but also psychological as you feel more confident and better about yourself.

Working on those muscles release happy hormones, so you avoid depression, relieve stress, and lower your anxiety level.

Lower risk of injuries and diseases 

Building muscles means you need to work out. People who exercise are less prone to diseases as they have a stronger immune system.

Higher muscle mass also means better balance, so you’re less likely to fall or injure yourself.

Using Power Plate to build muscle mass is beneficial especially for those who are aged, frail, or with physical limitations. Muscles can be stimulated by vibration without exerting too much effort.

How much muscle mass should you have? 

The normal range for body mass according to Withings are as follows:

  • 20-39 years old: Women is 63% - 75.5%, Men 75% - 89%
  • 40-59 years old: Women 62% - 73.5%, Men 73% - 86%>
  • 60-79 years old: Women 60% - 72.5%, Men 70% - 84%

Check your body mass index and ask your nutritionist or physician how much muscle mass you need based on your age, weight, and health condition.

All the wonderful health benefits of a good muscle mass are achieved quicker when you start to build your muscle mass using the Power Plate.


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