Power Plate Pulse Massage Gun in Matte Red
Power Plate Pulse Attachments with Matte Red
Power Plate Pulse power modes and battery indicator
Power Plate Pulse massage gun with mobile app
Power Plate Pulse Massage Gun in Black
Power Plate Pulse with Attachments in Black
Power Plate Pulse Black with different settings and battery indicator
Power Plate Pulse Black with Mobile App tips
Power Plate Pulse Quad and Thigh Isolation
Power Plate Pulse neck and trapezius massage
Power Plate Pulse Relax Bicep Massage
Power Plate Pulse chest massage
Power Plate Pulse front deltoid and shoulder
Power Plate Pulse Front Quad
Power Plate Pulse Left Bicep Curl
Power Plate Pulse massage tips and instructions
Power Plate Pulse

Power Plate Pulse

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    Power Plate Pulse

    The Power Plate Pulse provides a convenient portable solution for everyday body maintenance or injury rehabilitation.


    The quiet technology motor unit combines the incredible benefits of Power Plate vibration recovery with a smaller, more lightweight and portable handheld design.


    With four intensity levels and 6 specialized attachments, the Power Plate Pulse will help release fascia and improve blood flow, as well as relax and soothe tight and sore muscles.

    The Pulse is a cutting-edge vibrating massager that:

    • Helps relax and rejuvenate tight and sore muscles
    • Enhances range of motion
    • Promotes blood flow and fascia release
    • Reduces pain
    • Accelerates exercise warm up and recovery


    Power Plate Pulse Attachments:

    The small ball is the most recommended attachment.  If you'd like to target a muscle group, checkout each attachment's maximum potential:

    • Small Ball - Feet, Calves, Upper Back, Traps, Shoulder
    • Large Ball - Anterior Hip & Quad, Lateral Hip & Glute
    • Small Flat - Lateral Quad / IT Band, Bicep, Tricep
    • Large Flat - Chest / Pecs, Deltoid
    • Fork - Forearm
    • Thumb - Deep Tissue



            • Color: Matte Red or Black
            • Charging Method: AC Adaptor
            • User Materials:
              • Quick Start Guide (in-box)
              • Educational Content (via the Power Plate App)
            • Vibration Levels: 4 Standard Ascending Intensity Levels
            • Vibrations per Minute:
              • Level 1: 1,300/22Hz
              • Level 2: 1,800/30Hz
              • Level 3: 2,500/42Hz
              • Level 4: 3,300/55Hz
            • Battery Charge Time: ~2 Hours (120 Minutes)
            • Battery Runtime:
              • Level 1: 4-5 Hours
              • Level 4: 2-3 Hours
            • Auto Shutoff Timer: 10 Minutes
            • Weight: 1.2kg / 2.46lbs
            • Amplitude: 12mm
            • Stall force: 22.7kg / 50lbs
            • Product Warranty: 1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
            • Certifications:
              • CE, FCC
            • Motor type: Brushless Motor

            Power Plate Pulse Video:


            Customer Reviews

            Based on 2 reviews
            LOVE IT.

            Since we received the Power Plate Pulse, there has not been an evening that it was not used. I’m impressed that with increased pressure on certain body points this powerful device does not lag or slow down, in fact it increases it’s speed! A quality massage gun, great value, I highly recommend!

            Love it!

            We love it, a great product - helps us manipulate the fascia in problem areas on our bodies. I use this product on my wife and myself, this powerful tool helps with areas on the legs and hip joints, lower back, shoulder area and we use the different tools on the bottoms of our feet. Fantastic product that we use every night.