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    Why Buy From Competitors Outlet

    Experience Muscle Recovery anywhere, using the Power Plate Mini+ that weights only 1 LB

    The Power Plate Mini+ is an ultracompact, whisper-quiet portable handheld massager that gives you a relaxing re-energizing massage wherever your day takes you.

    Weighing just under 1 lb, the Power Plate Mini+ is conveniently sized to fit into a purse, backpack, or gym bag, giving you quality treatment, anytime, anywhere with its two unique attachments.

    Don't underestimate the Power Plate Mini+'s small size, it's an extremely versatile, lightweight massager that's perfect to use when experiencing soreness in your back, legs, and arms by relaxing and rejuvenating muscles. In addition to soothing sore muscles, the PowerPlate Mini+ accelerates warm-ups and recovery, by promoting blood flow and fascia release, enhancing range of motion, and reducing muscle pain, all in a smaller, more convenient package.

    Vibration Therapy That is Trusted by

    • World-class athletes
    • Celebrities
    • Top of the line Trainers

    The Power Plate Mini+ is Specially Designed for Hard to Reach Places


    Power Plate Mini
    Targeted Vibration Products are uniquely designed to allow you to massage hard-to-reach places so that you are able to stop pain right at the source.

    Targeted Vibration Therapy is perfect for Treating:

    Power Plate Mini Neck Pain

    Neck Pain

    Power Plate Mini Calf Pain

    Calf Pain

    Power Plate Mini Back Pain

    Back Pain

    Power Plate Mini Foot Pain

    Foot Pain

    Power Plate Mini Joint Pain

    Joint Pain

    Power Plate Mini Sore Muscle

    Sore Muscle


    The complete Vibration Tool Set from Competitors Outlet:

    Power Plate Mini and Other Vibration Tools

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