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Daily Shipping Deal: Free Shipping over $100 to Lower 48 States - ⭐ Rated 4.8/5 by Trusted Athletes
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Synergee Aluminum Barbell Collars

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Synergee Aluminum Barbell Collars

Light, strong, resilient, and trustworthy – this is what the Synergee Barbell Collars are all about!

These aluminum collars are a must-have for any barbell workout. They are so light (yet powerful!), you’ll think your plates are magically staying in place on their own! But we assure you, it ain’t magic – it’s our superiorly constructed collars!

You can stack, lift, and drop your bar without worrying about your plates shifting or your barbell becoming unbalanced, thanks to the rubberized lining’s tight seal. The simple lock-and-release clasp makes it easy to pop them off or snap them snug. Less fussing with the collars leaves more energy for your lifts.


Barbell Collar Guide

Red Black Silver
Inside Diameter (Inches) 2" 2" 2"
Color Red Black Silver
Sold In Pairs Yes Yes Yes

Synergee Aluminum Barbell Collars sliding onto Barbell

Workout Ready

Waste less time and save more energy stripping and loading your barbell with our lock-and-release feature. A quick snap to open, slide ’em on, and a quick snap to close: you’re ready to lift! Expertly crafted and designed with convenience in mind, these collars are easy to use and will keep your weight in place for every one of your lifts!


Synergee Aluminum Barbell Collars tight fit

Durable Design

The collars are made from lightweight, durable aluminum. They can withstand bumps and drops and whatever else comes their way when you’re training. They are fitted with a rubber lining to grip without letting up, protect the bar, and keep your plates in place.


Synergee Aluminum Barbell Collars snug against weight plate

Light and Portable

Bring your Synergee Collars wherever your training takes you! Their compact size and lightweight design make them easy to stow and transport – bring them to the gym and avoid fumbling with too-tight or too-loose collars. Plus, it makes for a great personal touch! They fit perfectly on standard 2” Olympic barbells; so wherever there’s a barbell, your collars are the perfect accessory.


Synergee Aluminum Barbell Collars with black finish



Aluminum Collar Specs

Brand Synergee
Inside Diameter (Inches) 2"
Height (Inches) 3.37"
Width (Inches) 1.5"
Weight (lb) 0.84 lb Per Pair
Outside Material Aluminum
Inside Material Rubber
Color Red, Black & Silver


Synergee Aluminum Barbell Collars lock position

To Lock

Push the arm towards the collar until it is snug on the bar. It should be at about a 90 degree angle with the hinge. Easy as that, you’re ready to lift!

Synergee Aluminum Barbell Collars neutral position

In Neutral

Between being locked and open, your barbell arm will be open and inline with the hinge. Don’t try to pull it off yet! It will still be gripping the bar.

Synergee Aluminum Barbell Collars open position

To Open

Push the arm away from the bar until you hear a “click”. Once opened fully, your collar will slide smoothly off the bar sleeve.

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