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Can I Use Power Plates? Know The Risks of Vibration Exercise

Can I Use Power Plates? Know The Risks of Vibration Exercise

There is no doubt that the use of vibration plates has taken the health and fitness industry by storm in recent years. Still, not everyone is fit to use them. Working out with any type of fitness equipment requires caution, and a power plate is no exception. 

So can you use a Power Plate? You'll find out the risks of Vibration Exercise.


What is a Power Plate?

The Power Plate is a piece of equipment that uses vibrations to encourage the body's muscles to contract and relax, providing a high-speed workout. It promises faster outcomes in a shorter period of time. 

Thanks to its efficacy, the power vibration plate has evolved into various types of models. Machines as small as the Personal Power Plate, have the ability to induce whole-body vibration. Incorporating it into your exercise routine leads to better muscle tone, balance, flexibility,  and mobility. 

Power plate risks

Another well-known benefit of a vibration plate is that it can help you lose weight. It's claimed that it only takes as little as spending 10 minutes on a Power Plate daily to see significant weight loss. 

Who Cannot Use Power Plate?

“Can I use the power plate?”

“How safe is the vibration plate machine?”

If you've been curious about how well this exercise equipment works but worried about how safe it is, you're on the right track. 

When experimenting with various workout tools, it is best to be cautious. After all, the goal is to stay fit and healthy, not the other way around.

Risk management is done in medical practice by ensuring that the benefits always outweigh the potential risks. The same technique can be applied when utilizing an instrument capable of doing whole-body vibration.

The following are warned against using power plate:

  • Pregnant women. Regardless of how far along you are, you should not be using a power plate for workouts. In fact, most power plates come with a warning not to be used by pregnant women. 

  • Consult with your doctor before starting any new fitness program, even if it seems harmless, like leaning on a vibrating platform.

  • People with implants. Manufacturers warn people with hip or knee prostheses not to use the equipment since it may cause these implants to move or dislodge.

    People who have undergone surgery for bone correction should also be careful. Broken bones are repaired surgically by inserting metal pins, nails, screws, or plates. Exercising with equipment that produces strong vibration will cause more harm than good.

  • People with cardiovascular ailments. Avoid vibration plates at all costs if you have heart conditions or have suffered from a heart attack. This also applies if you've ever had a stroke, are currently using a pacemaker, or have been diagnosed with an illness that causes your blood to clot abnormally.

    Using a vibration plate will worsen these conditions and place your cardiovascular system under unnecessary strain.

  • Those with recent bone or muscle injuries. Have you recently suffered from muscle strain or tear? Did you have a bone fracture but think you’re up to training again?

    Working out with a shaking platform may not be the best idea. You will subject yourself to muscular contractions that exceed typical levels. It will slow down your healing and make your injuries worse. Even if you feel that you are up to it, it is wise to consult with your physician first. 

  • People who live with diabetes, epilepsy, or dementia. The vibration machine should not be used by anyone who suffers from epilepsy, dementia, or severe diabetes since it may increase the risk of falling.

  • It is also possible for the vibration plate to slow the healing process of open wounds, ulcers, and surgical sites. Before you try vibration therapy, you should consult with your physician if you are being treated for a health condition or are under any medical supervision.

    Final Thoughts

    Power plates have proven to be effective and safe to use. However, it, like any other piece of training equipment, has restrictions on who can use it. This is not to say that people who cannot utilize the vibration plate cannot exercise.

    Make sure you're not in any of the scenarios above and always consult your doctor if your'e unsure.

    If you decide to workout using a Power Plate, than congratulations!  Reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

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