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Power Racks & Half Racks

Get Your Source of Strength with Power Racks & Half Racks

Each power rack and half rack sold at Competitors Outlet is up to the highest standards and features unmatched durability and workout variety. We offer premium equipment engineered by top brands in the fitness industry.

No matter if you’re a gym veteran or someone just starting out, you will find a power cage, rack, or squat stand option that works for you.

Our power racks and half racks feature a wide variety of bench, pull-up, squat, dip, and ab pad options so you can go ape on the upper body, lower body, and full body core exercises.

We want you to be completely satisfied in choosing a power cage or half rack from our site. It needs to meet your needs and be of impeccable quality. That’s why all of the units we stock are made from the best materials, by brands you can trust in the industry.

Each rack and cage is backed by industry-leading warranties ensuring years of great workouts without worry.

  • Save 9%
    Original Price $970.00
    Current Price $880.00
    TKO TKO Squat Rack 6005

    Get Explosive Strength with the TKO Squat Rack 6005 and Rack-Style Safety The TKO 6005 Squat Rack is the latest high-duty rack in TKO's all-new Con...

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  • Synergee Power Rack With Pulley System Features
    Synergee Power Rack With Pulley System
    Sold out
    SYNERGEE Synergee Power Rack With Pulley System
    2 colors available

    Experience the Synergee Power Rack with Pulley System with 750 LB Weight Capacity Synergee Power Rack does way more than provide a place to s...

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  • Synergee Squat Rack V2 Features
    Synergee Squat Rack - V2
    Sold out
    from $349.95
    SYNERGEE Synergee Squat Rack - V2 and V3
    2 colors available

    Get Started with 750 LB or 1,000 LB Capacity on the Synergee Squat Rack V2 & V3  Synergee’s Squat Rack, Version 2 and 3 offers the same prom...

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  • Torque - Power Cage-2
    Torque - Power Cage-1
    Save 17%
    Original Price $2,630.00
    Current Price $2,190.00
    TORQUE Torque - Power Cage
    2 colors available

    The Torque Power Cage provides spotting capability and a sense of security while using the lifting zone within the platinum powder coated 3” x 3” ...

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