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Synergee Power Rack With Pulley System

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Experience the Synergee Power Rack with Pulley System with 750 LB Weight Capacity

Synergee Power Rack does way more than provide a place to set your bar.

The Synergee Power Rack includes J Cups, Safety Arms, a Pull-Up Bar, Landmine & T Bar Attachment, a Barbell Holder, Dip Station Attachment, a Pulley Station with a 39” Lat Bar and 14” Straight Bar and Foot Board. PHEW, that’s a lot! This freestanding power rack provides a full-body strength and bodyweight workout station!

The Synergee Power Rack stands 81 inches tall on a 44.5" x 51" base and 750 lb weight capacity. This Rack is large enough to handle all your workouts and compact enough to fit in most home gyms.

This Rack provides a one-stop shop for your body weight & resistance workouts – perfect for a multidimensional athlete, CrossFitter, or anyone looking to build their strength!

Synergee Power Rack With Pulley System

J Cups & Safety Arms

This Power Rack comes with (2) J Cups and (2) Safety Arms (i.e. one pair of each) so can rack your bar, and have a spotter when you're lifting alone! Both can be adjusted in height to suit your squats, presses, bench, and more. The Safety Arms run on either side of the Power Rack and are ready to catch your bailed barbell. Lift heavy, lift safely!


Synergee Power Rack With Pulley System Lat Pull Down

Pulley System, Lat Pull Down, and Straight Bar

The Synergee Pulley System lets you bring your favorite commercial gym equipment home! Loading pins are compatible with 2"-opening plates. Comes with a 39" Lat Pull Down Bar and 14" Straight Bar. Includes Universal Carabiner attachment points, making it compatible with most other cable machine handles.


Synergee Power Rack With Pulley System Barbell Holder

Barbell Holder

Store your barbell vertically along the outside of your Power Rack with the built-in barbell holder! With a 2”-opening, this tube will hold onto your standard Olympic Barbell and keep it safe, protected, and out of the way when it’s not in use!


Synergee Power Rack With Pulley System Dip Handles

Dip Handles

Complete your home gym with this station for dips, inverted pull-ups, L sits, and more! Set two grips on either side of you at even heights, and you can target your core, triceps, pecs, and so much more from a static and stable Dip Station. Each Dip Arm has 2 handles, providing wide and narrow grip options.


Synergee Power Rack With Pulley System Pull Up Bar

Pull Up Bar

The Pull-Up bar provides a spot for Pull-Ups, Resistance Band work, setting up Gymnastic Rings, Muscle Ups, and more! Wide grip, narrow grip; pronated, supinated, or parallel; multiple grip options are offered! Build your upper body hitting every muscle at every angle.

Synergee Power Rack With Pulley System Landmine

Landmine and T-Bar

Build that core strength with the Landmine attachment! It will perfectly complement your Squat and Pull Up exercises, and adds a whole new dimension of movements to your workout routine! Plus it comes with a T-Bar that also attaches to your barbell for even more workouts!

Customer Reviews

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Dawn Romano
So far so good

My son likes the variety of exercises that can be done with this rack.

Chad Gilroy (Johnston, US)

Synergee Power Rack With Pulley System

Billy Teeples (Chicago, US)
Great Product and even greater company to buy from

the cage arrived way ahead of time and had no issues with missing pieces like the cages you order off Amazon. Competitors Outlet was great to work with and very communicative through the entire process up until delivery. Will definitely buy from again

Home gym

It’s sturdy and I love it. The end result is my body make over

Grateful to Have Served

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US Air Force Academy
Detroit Police Department
San Fransico 49ners
United States Coast Guard

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