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How to Clean an Infrared Sauna

How To Clean An Infrared Sauna

Woman inside sauna - How To Clean An Infrared Sauna

Are you interested in learning how to clean an infrared sauna?  

Once you've purchased an infrared sauna for your home, you should be looking for ways to ensure it is kept sanitary and clean for every use.  By taking a proactive approach, cleaning an infrared sauna is far from difficult.  This guide will break down how to clean an infrared sauna and offer some essential tips on how to keep your sauna in the best possible episode.  

Here are some immediate sauna cleaning tips:

  • Wash towels and cushions to prevent the build-up of bacteria
  • Shower before using the sauna to avoid bringing in dirt
  • Use sandpaper to "sand" down areas that need a fresh look
  • Take preventative measures to stop dirt from building up

Those are are the starting tips that any sauna owner can perform. Let's do a step further and look at more in-depth tips for cleaning your infrared sauna.

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How To Clean An Infrared Sauna

Keeping your infrared sauna clean is as much about taking preventative measures as it is about the actual cleaning process. If you want to keep your sauna clean for the long term, you must establish some discipline and develop repeatable cleaning habits.

Use a towel as a buffer between skin and wood

You should sit on a towel and use one to wrap around your body. By doing this, you are creating an essential buffer between the sauna wood and your skin. As you can imagine, the sauna wood is often prone to absorbing sweat, oils, and dirt. If you are not careful, this sweat and oils can quickly accumulate and start to make your sauna look rather grimy.

Vacuum or sweep the floor

When it comes to cleaning the floor of an infrared sauna, you should look at using a vacuum cleaner or broom. Nothing revolutionary. Just the basics will do the trick. By cleaning the floor, you will pick up dirt, hair, and all other small debris that accumulates over time on the floor. After a sweep around and a vacuum, mop the floor with a damp cloth and some detergent.

Woman and man sitting in a sauna with towels

Bring a towel into the sauna with you

Bringing a towel into the sauna with you is vital for keeping it clean. Not only can the towel successfully wipe down any sweat that accumulates, but it can also act as a barrier between yourself and the wood. Make sure to replace your towels after each use. It's small preventative measures like these that will help keep your sauna clean for potentially years to come.

Sand down perspiration stains

If you are struggling to get rid of sweat or perspiration stains, get your hands on a little bit of sandpaper. Sanding down areas affected by perspiration stains will inevitably help remove dirt and make your sauna look brand new again. Even though you do not need to do this every time you clean, it’s worth doing it every so often just to bring back the sauna’s shine.

Conduct a light clean after every use

To stay on top of cleaning your infrared sauna, make sure to conduct a light clean after each use. This involves using a damp cloth or sponge to wipe down the walls and benches. Taking this step will help prevent dirt and sweat from building up over time and ultimately make your life a lot easier in the future. It's much better to get ahead of problems than let them accumulate.


How To Clean A Sauna Floor

Cleaning the floor of an infrared sauna is essential for keeping it free from dirt and bacteria. The best way to clean your infrared sauna's floor is to use a vacuum cleaner or broom to sweep away any debris or dirt that has accumulated. Once you have done this, you can then use a mop and detergent to give the floor a thorough clean. Here are a few more tips to consider:

  1. Vacuum or sweep the floor before using a mop.
  2. Wipe down any perspiration spots with a damp cloth.
  3. Mop the floor with detergent and warm water.
  4. Replace rubber mats to keep floors clean and safe.
  5. Remove all accessories and clean them separately.



How To Clean A Sauna Bench

Cleaning a sauna bench is inevitably easier than trying to clean the floor. All you need to do is grab a damp cloth and a little detergent. You can use this to wipe down the benches after each use. Don’t ignore all the nooks and crannies. This is where sweat and dirt have a tendency to build up over time. Here are some key tips to consider when cleaning your sauna bench:

  1. Wipe down the benches with a damp cloth and detergent.
  2. Use mild cleaner and warm water for perspiration spots.
  3. Lightly sand the bench to remove perspiration stains.
  4. Replace bench covers after every use to keep these clean.



How To Clean Sauna Walls

To keep your sauna looking good, you need to ensure the walls are clean. You can do this by using a damp cloth and some detergent. Just wipe down the walls after each use of the sauna. After wiping down the walls, if you wish to use polish on the wood, make sure you use a non-abrasive cloth. Here are some key tips for cleaning sauna wood walls:

  • Use a damp cloth and detergent to wipe down the walls.
  • If using polish, use a non-abrasive cloth and polish.
  • Check for any cracks or rust spots and repair them immediately.
  • Clean the windows periodically to keep them looking clear.



How To Clean A Sauna Heater

You may need to wipe down your sauna heater. Although, this isn’t something you will need to do every single time you use the sauna. You can clean your sauna heater with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt that has built up over time. Before you move ahead with this, you should also remove all accessories before cleaning the heater. Here are some key tips:

  • Use a damp cloth to wipe down the heating element.
  • Check for signs of rust or damage and make necessary repairs.
  • Check the temperature gauge regularly to make sure it’s functioning properly.
  • Regularly check the wiring for any signs of damage or corrosion.

Woman sitting in sauna with a towel around her and a smile on her face



Cleaning An Infrared Sauna (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do infrared saunas get moldy?

As infrared saunas do not use any steam, it’s highly unlikely that your infrared sauna will suffer from any mold. Although, cleaning your infrared sauna frequently is critical to ensuring it continues to look great and function properly.

How do you sanitize a sauna?

If you want to sanitize your sauna, you should consider using a damp cloth and some detergent for wiping down the walls, benches, and heater after every use. When it comes to getting rid of perspiration spots, mild cleaner and some warm water will do the trick!

What is the lifespan of an infrared sauna?

With adequate maintenance and consistent cleaning, you can increase the lifespan of your infrared sauna by up to 50 years or more. Just like any sauna, taking a consistent approach to cleaning will help ensure it lasts longer and continues to look presentable for years to come.

How do you remove sweat stains from sauna?

As part of a consistent cleaning approach, it is good practice to wipe away sweat in an infrared sauna with a damp towel. This should keep the sauna walls and benches clean and free from bacteria or other germs. 

We hope you gained some valuable insight on cleaning an infrared sauna. If you have any questions on any infrared saunas for sale, then give us a call or text us at (646) 657-8856 or shoot us an email at hello@competitorsoutlet.com and we’d be happy to help.

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