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Best Infrared Saunas — 2023

Find the perfect Infrared Sauna for your needs below and get your sweat on!

Best One Person Infrared Saunas

Sometimes all you need is alone time and enough space for just one. Your health should be a top priority so unload any stress and get relaxing inside the infrared sauna.

Whether you just sit and mediate, listen to a podcast, or read a book, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to take on the adventures ahead of you. Can you feel the changes already?

See 3 of our top choices for Best 1 Person Infrared Saunas below!

Best Two Person Infrared Saunas

What better way to catch up than to share a sauna session with someone while you both let the worries sweat away. Whether it's your significant other, family member, or friend, bonding over getting healthier is one of the best ways to spend time together.

Instead of watching television or staring at your phone, get in a sauna and let everything else not matter. 

See below for the best 2 person saunas we feel you both would enjoy!

Best Three Person Infrared Saunas

They say three is a crowd but don't worry about being the third wheel in each one of these saunas. The infrared saunas all have great benefits after a long day at the office or post-workout. Invite your friends and family over to join in and they won't want to leave. There really is nothing like getting rejuvenated together.

See our top picks for the best 3 person infrared saunas below!

Best Four Person Infrared Saunas

Having a larger infrared sauna lets you share the great benefits with your friends and family. Friday night sauna night with the family sounds like a great plan. Don't be the only one to feel great after each sauna session.

Our favorite picks include the corner sauna that fits perfectly in corners and a sauna with side-by-side bench seating to give you more foot room and lower back relaxation.

Find our best 4 person infrared saunas below and grab one today!

Best Five Person Infrared Saunas

A five person sauna is great for large families as well as giving you enough space to perform moderate exercises during your session. With built in bluetooth speaker systems in all Enlighten saunas, you can bring the whole family together and make daily sauna sessions something you'll always remember.

Check out our best 5 person infrared saunas below and add a sauna to your home today!

Enlighten Sierra 5 Person Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

ThisSierra 5 infrared saunais one of the best 5 person saunas with options for both indoor or outdoor use. A key difference for this sauna compared to others is that it's totally enclosed, so if you're looking for privacy during your sessions, this is a great option. . Wrap yourself in the amazing aromas of Canadian red cedarwood and begin to feel amazing today!


  • Side-by-side seating allows for more room.
  • Quick heating with 2 full spectrum and 10 carbon heaters.
  • Fully enclosed sauna to offer more privacy during your sessions.


  • Heavy compared to smalled saunas so it'll take a few people to assmeble it.
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Enlighten Rustic 5 Person Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Are you looking for a sauna with big glass windows to take in your surroundings while you enjoy your session? TheRustic 5is one of the best infrared saunas on the market and boasts three large, double pane windows to let you do just that while keeping in the heat. With enough room for five people, this sauna is made for you and all your neighborhood friends to enjoy!


  • Double pane, tempered glass windows to keep the heat inside.
  • Chromotherapy lighting to take your body's ability to heal itself to the next level.
  • Inner locking design for quick and easy assembly.


  • Longer heating time due to its size compared to smaller saunas.
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Best Six Person Infrared Saunas

A six person sauna is going to be a great choice for someone that has a small business, community, or very large family to get the most out of it. A sauna this large gives you more than enough room to sit comfortably, lie down, and even do moderate exercises while you enjoy your session.

Check out our best 6 person infrared saunas below and get a sauna for your home or business today!

Monaco Elite 6 Person Near Zero EMF FAR Infrared Sauna

Looking for a large sauna for your home or business? The Monaco Elite infrared saunais one of the best 6 person saunas for indoors. With it's sleek design and large seating area, you can comfortably fit everyone that's important to you and more. And with built in chromotherpay lighting and a 15 inch dvd player, it's going to be hard to keep it to just 30 minutes!


  • Largest residential sauna on the market. Also great for small businesses.
  • Fast to heat up with 15 carbon heating panels.
  • Floor to ceiling glass for a modern look.


  • Will require at least 2, maybe 3 people to assemble due to the total weight of the unit (750 lbs).
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Best Outdoor Saunas

Add an outdoor sauna to your backyard oasis and be the talk of the neighborhood. With a weather cover to protect the sauna from elements, you will be able to use it all year round and invite those neighbors who want to know how well saunas help your well-being.

Can you imagine in the winter using the outdoor sauna? Jumping in the snow to make a snow angel then running back into the sauna to heat up...sounds like fun to us!

Find the perfect fit for your needs below!

Best Traditional Saunas

Keep the tradition alive with our best traditional saunas for home use. You won't be getting the infrared sauna rays but with higher temperatures produced in these, you will definitely get more sweat coming from your pores! 

Sit back and relax while you wipe your worries away and get rejuvenated. You will be surprised at how quick the heaters get to your desired temperatures.

Keep scrolling to see Wellness Junction's top choices for the best traditional saunas. You will not be disappointed!

We hope this review, Best Infrared Saunas 2023, helps you find the best sauna for your want and needs. We feel the brands we have mentioned are some of the best saunas on the market. They are trusted brands that offer great products with solid warranties. 

We encourage you to go to each product page and read about all the specifications of each one before adding to your cart.  Make sure that your wants and needs are being met and you will be happy with your purchase. 

If you still have any questions at all please call or email us any time. We will be happy to answer your questions and guide you to the best option that is right for you.

You can reach us at hello@competitorsoutlet.com 24 hrs, 7 days a week or call (646) 657-8856 Monday-Friday, 9:00-5:00 CST.