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Daily Shipping Deal: Free Shipping over $100 to Lower 48 States - ⭐ Rated 4.8/5 by Trusted Athletes
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How Often Can You Use Your Power Plate?

How Often Can You Use Your Power Plate?

Power Plates revolutionize your workout routine. By harnessing the innovative whole-body vibration technology, you can torch calories and fat, sculpt your muscles, and detoxify your body in just a few minutes a day.

So, how long should you be using a Power Plate? The answer is it depends. Let's delve into the details.

As impressive the results for Power Plates are, it's crucial to remember that these machines have a limit. They should be used in moderation to allow for recovery and to maximize the benefits of whole-body vibration.


Power Workouts through the Whole-Body Vibration Machine

Whole-Body Vibration Training (WBVT) gained credability from acollection of  rigorous scientific studies done, including studies done by the Boston University School of Medicine and the University of Utah School of Medicine. These studies have revealed several key findings in 3 fundamental areas, providing a solid foundation for the benefits of Power Plates.


Power Plate group exercise

  • Muscle Mass: Findings after 24 weeks of WBVT consisting of both static and dynamic leg and arm workouts three times a week, the total muscle mass of 13 young women increased more than compared to a baseline group,

    Another group consisting of older men trained three times a week for an entire year. The group split participants into two groups; one who did WBVT and the other group performed traditional fitness training, such as resistance, balance, and aerobic exercises. By the end of the research, the conclusion stated that WBVT is an equivalent fitness program for older men who want to gain muscle mass.
  • Weight Loss: WBVT combined with eight months of resistance training showed a reduction in total body fat in postmenopausal women. The participant's results were not achieved through resistance training alone.

    Another weight loss result from eight weeks of WBVT in young, non-obese women resulted in a significant loss in leg and total body fat.
  • Strength: Six months of WBVT at a frequency set to 25 to 40 Hz can develop muscle strength among postmenopausal women, equivalent to a traditional resistance program.

    Another group consisting of older men revealed that doing WBVT for a year increased overall knee extension strength. It also showed the same benefits of a fitness program, including resistance, aerobic, and flexibility workouts.

These studies all highlight the efficiencies of WBVT and its intensity as a form of training. So, read more to find out how often you can use a Power Plate.


How Often Can You Use Power Plate?

Using a power plate to achieve your fitness goal is effective and safe. It's a more comfortable and less strenuous alternative to traditional resistance training, but moderation is still vital to ensure your safety and maximize your results.

Remember these three guidelines:

  • Daily Use:  Limit your daily use of the vibration plate to 30 minutes. For most people, workout sessions between 15 and 25 minutes per day are the best amount of time.
  • Downtime:  Make sure that there is a workout gap of at least 48 hours between your workout sessions. This will give your body and joints the proper rest they need. 
  • Weekly Usage:  When it comes to weekly use, exercising with the power plate for 3 to 4 days a week is optimal.

As you ease yourself into a whole-body vibration workout, starting at a shorter workout and lower frequency will give you tremendous benefits. The results will scale with your effort.  Like other types of training, you can push yourself harder as you get stronger and more comfortable with WBVT. 

What power plate machine and how you are using it are also two important factors to consider. 

Below are three different and popular types of power plates:

  1. The Power Plate My5 boosts exercises at home by providng support with its column. It has the power to deliver a 30 - 40 Hz frequency. Users can adjust the time between 30 to 60 seconds. Power Plate My5 can boost your strength, muscle tone, and weight loss in as little as three weekly workout sessions. 
    Power Plate My5

  2. The Personal Power Plate is the ultimate and most popular workout platform. It has a set frequency of 35 Hz and a 30-60 second timer. It is compact and perfect for apartments or home offices for catching a quick exercise.

    Personal Power Plate

  3. Power Plate Pro7 is designed especially for medical centers and fitness gyms. It features a user-friendly LCD touchscreen with video programs focusing on user management and guided workouts, so there's no confusion. The Power Plate Pro7 includes handles and handstraps, and the widest range of frequencies, 25 - 50 HZ, for a variety of users.
    Power Plate Pro7

Final Thoughts on How Often You Can Use Your Power Plate

Exercise with your power plate for 15 to 30 minutes daily, as often as three to four times a week. Hydrate and allow yourself enough time to rest in between sessions. You're not working out just your muscles; the micro-vibrations are working throughout your joints and body. 

Remember: If you're using this long-term on your fitness journey, start by using it correctly and safely. 

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