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Health Benefits and Risks of Power Plate Training

Health Benefits and Risks of Power Plate Training

Health Benefits and Risks of Power Plate Training


When a treatment has major benefits and potential risks, it's important to know are the benefits worth it? Are the risks dangerous?  Do these risks even apply? 

Incorporating these types of workouts, particularly with power plate training, the results will happen no matter what level your fitness is.  

So you've been wondering if the power plate has dangers and want to know if whole-body vibration is safe to incorporate into your routine.

If you're are on the fence about getting a vibration plate, next we'll dive into the different benefits power plate training.

4 Benefits of Power Plate Training

Increased Muscle Strength.

Muscles typically contract at a rate of twice per second. On the other hand, when you do power plate exercises, the vibration settings can generate an incredible 30–50 contractions every second.

With this rate, ten minutes of power plate training would be the equivalent to 1.5 hours of a conventional workout.

You engage far more muscles on a vibration machine because of the micro resistance, versus a traditional floor used for stability, your muscles become more toned and stronger in a much shorter amount of time. 


Enhanced Bone Mass.

After the age of 30, decreased bone density can roller coaster into an issue and become a significant health concern. Walking and other weight-bearing exercises like strength training, have been shown to reduce the risk of bone fragility and fractures later in life.

study done with over 70 volunteers from ages 58 - 75, shows total hip BMD increased over time in a vibration resistance training group, whereas no changes in hip BMD were observed in women participating in regular resistance training.

Everyone, regardless of their size, age, or fitness level, can begin using a power plate because of how gentle it is on the joints.

Through power plate exercising, your bone density will increase without your body being subjected to extreme joint pressures. Your body will benefit from improved bone density in a number of ways, but the most beneficial more commonly associated with older again involves fighting against osteoporosis.

Better Balance.

The Power Plate's vibration forces your body to work harder throughout training to retain stability and balance. The longer you do power plate training, the stronger will your back muscles, core or abdomen, and pelvic become.

Within a few months of training with your power plate, you will begin to observe significant changes in your balance and stability.  You'll move better and feel more confident performing stability moves.


Improved Mobility and Flexibility

If you perform any form of vibration training both before and after your workouts, you'll notice a considerable improvement in your mobility and flexibility.

While there are vibrating platforms that you can stand, squat, or lean on, there are also smaller, hand-held models that can help ease muscle tensions. The  Power Plate Mini+ is a handheld massager that can loosen sore muscles and release tension whenever you are feeling stiff. 

Critical to mobility and flexibility, stretching is also made more efficient by vibration machines. In fact, power plates are also employed in physical therapy rehabilitation stretching sessions.


4 Risks of Power Plate Training 

The Contraindications.  

When using a vibration machine for the first time, remember to start slow. Time is on your side.  If you exercise too hard, whether on high frequencies or a longer time than intended, you might put yourself under more pressure than you can handle.
Prolonged usage of power plates may lead to dizziness and back aches.

It may aggravate a specific condition.

It's possible that a certain health issue could worsen if you use a power plate without first consulting with your physician. Generally, power plates are not suitable for:
    • Pregnant women
    • People with recent injuries 
    • People with metal implants 
    • People with heart problems, diabetes, or epilepsy

    You might go beyond safety standards.  

    Even if you have become accustomed to using the power plate, you must always adhere to its safety standards.

    The vibration plate should only be used in moderation, which is 15-20 minutes/day and 3-4 days/week.

    It might not deliver the results you have in mind.

    There are many claims about the power plate accelerating weight loss. Some say they have better, tighter skin. Others report having toned muscles in a short time.  Results vary depending on your workout routines and baseline health metrics.
    Even with scientific studies and user feedback, remember that your body’s reaction to the power plate may not be just as fast or apparent. While there are studies proving the safety and efficiency of vibrating platforms, this is not a magic tool that will deliver the same results to everyone. 

    Is Power Plate Training right for You?

    If you've felt a power plate before, then you understand how this machine works and most likely have a gauge on the type of results you can expect. 

    If you haven't experienced a power plate before, the power plate is not a quick-fix, short term solution, but instead, it's an accelerant of your current workouts and will get you towards your fitness goals much faster.

    Just like traditional workout instruments, it comes with its own set of benefits and risks.

    How did you weigh these pros and cons to decide if it is suitable for you?

    Leave a comment below or read about the Top 9 Reasons you should own a power plate.


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