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Core & Polymetric Accessories

  • Synergee Adjustable Dip Station quality construction
    Synergee Adjustable Dip Station
    Sold out
    SYNERGEE Synergee Adjustable Dip Station
    2 colors available

    Increase your Upper Body Calenthenic muscles with the Synergee Dip Station and 400 Lb Capacity  The Synergee Dip Station is exactly what you nee...

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  • Synergee Soft Plyo Boxes Dimensions
    Synergee Soft Plyo Boxes
    Sold out
    Original Price $131.94
    Current Price $129.95
    SYNERGEE Synergee Soft Plyo Boxes

    Jump onto the Synergee Soft Plyo Boxes with 3 Heights Does the fear of scraping your shins keep you from performing explosive, jumping exercises...

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  • Synergee Balance Board Trainer
    Synergee Balance Board
    Sold out
    Original Price $99.95
    Current Price $84.95
    SYNERGEE Synergee Balance Board

    Work your Core with the Synergee Balance Board with Grip Tape Strengthen your core, improve your posture, and develop your proprioception with the...

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