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Synergee Indian Clubs

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Experience Warrior Training with the Synergee Indian Clubs

Indian clubs have been improving the strength, agility, and balance of soldiers from the Asian subcontinent for centuries. As far back as the 5th century, these blunt maces have been swung to develop grip strength and shoulder endurance and create battle-ready warriors. This piece of equipment has stood the test of time and is recognized historically and contemporarily as an effective training tool – so what are you waiting for?

Synergee Indian clubs come in pairs at 1 lb, 2 lb, 5 lb, 10 lb, and 15 lb weights. These weights are perfect for new and intermediate athletes. Each 1 lb and 2 lb club is made from solid ABS, and 5 lb to 15 lb are made from heavy-duty steel. All sizes have a smooth finish. Each handle includes a rounded end to provide a safe grip. These clubs are extremely versatile and allow you to perform dynamic, challenging movements that will provide your whole body with an awesome, unique workout.

Indian Club Guide

Plastic Clubs Steel Clubs
Club Weight 1lb & 2lb 5lb, 10lb & 15lb
Sold In Pairs Yes Yes


Whether you use our plastic or metal Indian Clubs, you'll love how sleek and professional they look! These clubs pair function with aesthetics with their minimalist design. This gear will look fantastic in your gym.

Synergee Indian Clubs


Our Indian Clubs are easy to tuck away and store when they aren't being used. Hang them on our Indian Club Rack, roll them under a shelf or the couch, or stand them up on their flat end in the corner until it's time to work out.

Synergee Indian Clubs Storage


Indian Clubs are humbling. Even the toughest athletes will feel a challenge with our 1 lb - 15 lb options. The Indian Club design moves the weight further away from your center of gravity which makes it feel much heavier than it is. This challenge is unparalleled by any other free weight.

Synergee Indian Clubs Sizes


Brand Synergee
Club Weight 1lb
Club Length 16.25"
Handle Diameter 21mm
Material ABS Plastic
Color Black
Synergee Indian Clubs Dimensions



Brand Synergee
Club Weight 2lb
Club Length 15.3"
Handle Diameter 31mm
Material ABS Plastic
Color Black

Synergee Indian Clubs Larger DImensions



Brand Synergee
Club Weight 5lb
Club Length 16.15"
Handle Diameter 20mm
Material Steel
Coating Black Powder Coating

Synergee Indian Clubs Large Size



Brand Synergee
Club Weight 10lb
Club Length 17.75"
Handle Diameter 27mm
Material Steel
Coating Black Powder Coating

Synergee Indian Clubs 10 Lbs


Brand Synergee
Club Weight 15lb
Club Length 18"
Handle Diameter 27mm
Material Steel
Coating Black Powder Coating

Synergee Indian Clubs 15 Lbs


From Swings to Mills; Large to Small Circles; Wrist Rolls to Casts; the numerous Indian Club workouts will keep you engaged and sweating! This equipment is endlessly versatile and will put your body through movements other free weights cannot match!

Synergee Indian Clubs Dual Wield


These Indian Clubs are constructed with durable steel to withstand gruelling workouts and brave the fitness elements. Their compact design makes them easy to carry and transport. Bring your workouts everywhere you go!

Synergee Indian Clubs at Rest


Movements executed with Indian Clubs range from simple to elaborate, but all of them will improve your strength and mobility. Your shoulders, in particular, will thank you. Where most pressing and pulling only allow your shoulders to move through a limited range of motion, Indian Clubs move them through a full range with fluid swings and rotations. This results in stronger, more flexible shoulders!

Synergee Indian Clubs Exercise

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