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About Near Zero EMF Heat Emitter

What are Near Zero EMF Heat Emitters?

All of the sauna products that Competitors Oultet offers have low EMF, several of the model saunas use an advance "Near Zero EMF technology".

This significantly reduces the amount of EMF exposure resulting in ultra-low EMF or less than 2 milligauss (mG @2 inches) (test results average between 1mG-3mG including background EMF).

A typical carbon heating panel takes electric energy and transforms it into heat.

In doing so, EMF is produced.

The critical manufacturing process of Near Zero EMF Heat Emitters incorporate a method that extensively reduces the amount of EMF given off.

As the magnetic field passes through the carbon heat emitter, it is greatly neutralized resulting in Near Zero EMF being generated.

Each sauna room is pre-assembled and thoroughly inspected/tested by a superior Quality Control Team before the product is packaged and shipped.


What type of standard tests are done for each Sauna?

The depth of some of the testing methods by our manufacturer are outlined below:

Routine Test

Testing of the resistance, power, and voltage function of each heating panel to be within strategic guideline.

Electromagnetic Radiation Test

Electromagnetic Radiation Testing is conducted to survey measurements at 5cm-10cm away from the heating panel to signify the electromagnetic radiation intensity being of less than 2 milligauss.

Temperature Test

Temperature Testing consists of the time which the surface temperature of the heating panel rises to a stable temperature measured by a rated voltage multichannel temperature tester.

"Burn-in" Test

Heating panels are tested to have no abnormalities and ran continuously for 240 hours after the voltage is lifted to 1.3 times that of the rated voltage With the Near Zero EMF Heat Emitter, you have a revolutionary sauna product that promotes benefits for the human body through the production of soft therapeutic radiant heat with numerous healing effects


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