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Synergee V-Shaped Bar Cable Attachment

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Synergee V-Shaped Bar will allow you to build your triceps’ size and strength with perfect form

This unique Cable Attachment consists of a bar bent at an acute angle with stoppers on either end and knurling along the way for easy-to-grip handles. This V-Shaped Bar clips into your cable machine and is compatible with Cable Machine that has a standard carabiner attachment.

This V-Shaped Bar has no moving parts: it’s simple in design, which means it is reliable and provides a consistent experience. Feel the burn – and feel confident using a piece of equipment that will last for many, many workouts!

 Synergee V-Shaped Bar Cable Attachment

Bigger Triceps

The Synergee V-Shaped Bar Attachment is perfect for sculpting your triceps! Introduce pressdowns and curls to your workout program for ultimate upper body gains. This Bar is specifically designed to hit your triceps and allow you to perform heavier reps with better form. Better form = less injuries = more gains = bigger triceps!


Chrome Coated

Our V-Shaped Bar is made from solid steel and coated with chrome to protect from rust and increase the longevity of this piece. We’ve added a medium knurl to the handles and finished it off with flat, metal ends to help with grip!


Universal Attachment Point

Our Synergee V-Shaped Bar includes a point for attaching to any cable machine that has a standard carabiner. Simply clip the carabiner through the attachment hole and get to work! It’s as fast and as easy as that!


Synergee V-Shaped Bar Cable Attachment Tech Specs

Synergee V-Shaped Bar Cable Attachment specs


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