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Leg Machines

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Leg Machines for Strength

Legs power your everyday life and yet are sometimes one of the most neglected muscle groups during strength training. In fact, half of our lower body’s mass makes up the largest muscle groups on the entire body, i.e. the quadriceps, thighs, calves, and glutes. 

Finding the right leg machine(s) to add to your total-body strength training circuit is essential to ensure optimal total body strength gains. 

Leg machines such as the leg press, the hack squat machine, the leg extension machine, the hip adduction, and abduction machine, or the standing calf raise machine, are built to help target and isolate different lower body muscles with minimal risk to injury by stabilizing correct form. Not to mention by strengthing the leg muscles, you are promoting stronger bone density, a necessity as we age.

Here at Competitors Outlet, we cut the confusion to make it easy for you and your decision toward your next leg machine purchase. Use the sidebar to select which muscle(s) you are looking to target and a list of leg machines suited for your training goals will appear. 

Enjoy free shipping and responsive support via, phone call, text, email, and webchat. Competitors Outlet live customer care is always nearby to assist! 

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