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First Degree Fitness FluidPowerPress

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    First Degree Fitness FluidPowerPress

    FluidPowerPRESS is a high quality Squat to Overhead press machine. The resistance is infinitely variable via the 10x Adjustable Fluid Resistance mechanism.

    The PRESS enables you to explode with high loads at high speeds, without having to deal with the eccentric loading unavoidable with most traditional forms of resistance exercise. This built-in safety feature allows both the athlete competing for peak power and the deconditioned first-time participant to achieve their fitness and strength goals without intimidation or injury.

    The tapered shoulder pads, ergonomic handrails, and counterbalanced press arm mean all exercisers can find a comfortable, secure training position without the need to make time-consuming adjustments.

    Rower Dimension

    • Compact Footprint:  1710mm x 830mm (67.32" x 32.68")
    • Upright Storage: 830mm x 2450mm (32.68" x 96.46")
    • Max User Weight: 180kg (396.83lb)

    Commercial Warranty: 

    • Frame 10 years 
    • Fluid Tank 5 years
    • Mechanical and all other non-wearing components - 2 years 

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