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How to Have a Consistent Workout Routine

How to Have a Consistent Workout Routine

Are you tired of having of not keeping your fitness resolution? Is it becoming impossible to work out regularly?

The list of reasons why you keep missing to hit the gym can go on and on. Even pausing to do quick jumping jacks and squats at home feels elusive. 

People are creatures of habit. Still, why is it hard to keep a consistent workout routine? 

Power Plate Consistent Workout Routine

5 Tips to Keep a Consistent Workout Routine

There could be varying reasons why your fitness time is intermittent at best and nonexistent at worst. 

Regardless of your reasons, these 5 tips will help you keep a steady exercise pattern once and for all:

1. Do shorter exercises. You have already planned a day and time for when you’re going to hit the gym. However, as the day is drawing near, you suddenly find yourself dreading to go. Somehow, the prospect of spending an hour lifting weights, cycling, or working on your core seems too much of a trouble. Before you know it, you’ve put off working out once again.

If this scenario is all too familiar, then you might be better off doing shorter exercises. Why push yourself in long, excruciating workouts when you can do more in a short time?

That is what you can accomplish if you do power plate training. One session only requires 15-20 minutes. What's more, power plate training is so intense that it is recommended to do it for 3-4 days/week only.

2. Commit for a week and go from there. Another reason that people fail to achieve their fitness goals is that they only make sweeping declarations to work out more. However, big, instantaneous decisions like this are likely to crumble.

Don’t set yourself to fail by making vague and far-out plans. Start by committing to exercise for 7 days only. Not only will you feel comfortable and confident about doing it; you’ll also have an immense sense of accomplishment after you complete the challenge.

Commit to exercising for 7 days and do it for 7 days more. Before you know it, these weeks will add up significantly. 

3. Have workout tools on hand. No time to go to the gym? No problem! You still have the option to work out at home. Invest in a quality workout device that will excite and move you to exercise!

The Power Plate MOVE is all the vibration trainer that you need. This fitness innovation is built to help you prepare quicker, perform better, and recover faster. The Power Plate Move machine is designed to elicit the body’s instinctive response to vibrations. Stand, lean, lie, or squat on the machine and feel your muscles contract powerfully.

Power Plate Move can stimulate the entire body. Set the timer, adjust the intensity, and feel invigorated in less than an hour. The vibrating machine will also improve circulation and burn fat tissues, promoting weight loss.

4. Don’t limit yourself to one form of workout. Some days, you are energized to do high-intensity routines. Other times, you only have a few minutes to spare on a quick cardio. It is perfectly fine to do different types of workouts than what you originally planned.

In fact, it is better to not pigeonhole yourself into one specific kind of workout. Trying different types of routines will engage different parts of your body.

This will also help you figure out what type of exercises you enjoy. It is important to enjoy training and like how the movements make you feel. A punishing workout will only make you dread exercising in the future.

5. Make it fun! The idea that getting in shape has to be a painful experience is nothing more than a myth!

Keeping fit is supposed to be a positive experience. Remember: you are investing in your well-being when you get up and exercise.

You’ll find yourself looking forward to the next session if the previous ones have been enjoyable. To make working out fun, you can:
    • Join a class
    • Ask a friend to work out with you
    • Create a playlist of your favorite upbeat songs
    • Go for a hike in scenic places in town
    • Treat yourself to a nice workout outfit 
    • Prepare a healthy but yummy post-workout snack 

    Move better and feel better when you take your fitness journey one day at a time. Follow these tips and create a solid, consistent workout routine.

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