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The Stairway vs the Stairway GTL

 Jacobs Ladder The Stairway Vs The Stairway GTL


Jacobs Ladder began as the ultimate commercial-quality ladder mill exercise machine which later launched the Stairway stair climber.  The Stairway uses the same concept as the Jacobs Ladder style treadmills, the difference between the two styles is The Stairway positions the user upright and replaces the laddermill rungs with circulating stairs. 


The Stairway vs the Stairway GTL

Which is Best for Me?

The Stairway was launched using the same self-powered waist belt technology as the Jacobs Ladder for user speed-control and braking. After much success, of the Jacobs Ladder ladder mill, feedback from gyms and home users suggested the  same technology to be created for a stair climber. After the release and success of The Stairway, demand for a self-powered stair climber without the user waist belt, the Stairway GTL was introduced.

Both the Stairway and the Stairway GTL have identical footprint dimensions and internal drivetrain technology. The difference is the resistance mechanism and the start and stop functions of each unit which can be further detailed below.


Waist Belt or no Waist Belt?

The Stairway stair climber was modeled after the Jacobs Ladder self-powered laddermill using a waist belt for the user’s to control the speed and braking. This means that the higher-up a user steps, the faster the stairs circulate.

If a user needs to slow down, you simply stop, and the stairs will come to a gradual stop.  This allows the user to de-escalate to the bottom step until the machine comes to a full stop. 

In contrast, the Stairway GTL is without the use of a waist belt to control the speed and braking. The user will be able to control the workout experience with a simple press of a button from the console display. 


Setting the User Weight and Speed Calibrations 

    Once the user steps onto the Stairway, the unit will prompt the user for the individual’s weight for accurate calorie burn information.  Great for keeping track of your progress on the console. 

    Once the weight is calibrated, the Stairway allows the user wearing the waist belt, to control the speed and braking while stepping on the unit. The higher you climb with the waist belt, the faster the user can step. 

    On the other hand, the Stairway GTL uses a generator, eliminating the need for a waist belt system altogether.  

    With a simple press of the start button, the Stairway GTL automatically calculates the user weight.  No need to punch in any numbers, your weight is put into a speed grid when the user begins their workout.

    The weight metric will not appear on the console, but instead a graph will allow the user to set the speed of the Stairway GTL from 25 to 160 steps per minute.  

    Stairway vs Stairway GTL

    No Cheating Allowed

    Remaining consistent with Jacobs Ladder’s self-powered technology, both the Stairway and the Stairway GTL makes it impossible to cheat during a workout normally done by leaning on the handles that is commonly seen with other stair climbing units done by users.

    With the Stairway and the Stairway GTL’s unique closed loop control technology, leaning on the handles, will slow the unit’s circulation of steps to a decreased speed, assuming the user is completing their workout. 

    Until the user weight is rebalanced or positioned upright in a stair-stepping position, both Stairway models will speed itself up to the original user weight placed at the start of the workout. 


    The Stairway GTL Review
    Another Stairway GTL Review


     The Stairway and The Stairway GTL Specification Sheet

    Good news, all specifications are the same for both models.


    Welded Tubular Steel
    300 lbs
    Steel with Polyvinyl Tread
    ABS Plastic
    Powder-coated Steel Tube
    Ceiling Height: 
    8.5 Feet
    Digital Readouts:
    Elapsed Time, Steps Climbed, Rate (Steps/Min), Calorie Burn, Heart Rate (wireless)
    4 Years Parts / 1 Year Labor
    Shipping Dimensions:
    32” x  60” x 80” , 395 lbs
    Shipping Density: 
    4.444 lbs/ft3



    The Jacobs Ladder Stairway and The Stairway GTL are popular home stair climbers due to their ease of use. They are the perfect machines for users who want a smooth, powerful workout without any confusing software.


     The Stairway


    The Stairway by Jacobs Ladder


    The Stairway GTL


    The Stairway GTL by Jacobs Ladder


    The Stairway by Jacobs Ladder
    The Stairway by Jacobs Ladder



    If you want to read a Complete Guide to the Jacobs Ladder Machine, where the Stairway technology originally came from, and why users love this workout.

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