TrueForm Trainer Manual Treadmill
TrueForm Trainer Manual Treadmill
TrueForm Trainer Manual Treadmill

TrueForm Trainer Manual Treadmill

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    Ergonomic Running Stride

    Trainer curve is shallow, users feel safe and in control of their speed, whether walking, jogging, or running.  The simple design of this non-motorized treadmill makes it incredibly effective for developing proper running techniques.

    An Expert Workout

    It comes with the same responsive belt technology as the TrueForm Runner (the premium model), which still makes it the perfect choice for any skill level.  The workout is more efficient and you'll burn 44% more calories on a manual treadmill vs an electric treadmill.  The tread is controlled by the movement and force of the athlete.  You're generating the force required to move, exactly the same principles as running outside, but practicing technically sound posture and balance.

    High Quality

    The Trainer is a lighter version of the TrueForm Runner. This manual treadmill is an affordable and rugged built solution for any training facility or home gym.  It is also heavy-duty commercial quality, but made from lighter materials. It's easier to use because the belt is also lighter.  It has all the benefits of the Runner, heavy duty plate steel formed and welded frame, shallow curve, super smooth Responsive Belt Technology (RBT), heavy duty axle assemblies, and an easy to use display.


    Key Features:

    • Muscle Powered - You control the speed with effort and more realistic control
    • No Electricity Needed - this can be placed anywhere, no outlet required
    • Safe - a manual treadmill stops when you stop, slightly safer for pets and children
    • High-Intensity Interval Workouts - These are great to alternate high and moderate intensities.  Many professional sports teams use these models for training




    TrueForm Trainer Specs: 
    Dimensions:    64" x 31" x 63"
    Unit Weight:    270lb
    Max Weight:    400lb
    Frame:             Steel
    Covers:            Single Formed Reinforced Polymer
    Tread Surface: Molded Thermoplastic Elastomer
    Bearings:         112 Sealed Steel Ball Bearings
    Pulleys:            Injection Molded Polymer
    Display:            LCD - AA Battery 

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