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Synergee Yoga Rings

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Color: Light Pink

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Stretch with Synergee Yoga Rings and their Natural Curvature

The Yoga Ring is designed to conform to the body’s natural curvature. Deepen your stretches, improve your flexibility, and enhance your yoga practice or mobility routine with Synergee Yoga Rings!

Stretch your arms, legs, and abdominal muscles, or use the ring for strength-building exercises! The possibilities are endless! The Yoga Ring is compact and multifunctional to get every muscle moving smoothly. The Yoga Ring is the perfect addition to warmups, flexibility or strength exercises, and post-workout cooldowns.

Its constructed to be firm with a slight give. That way, it provides stability and comfort during pulling exercises and rolling movements. The whole piece measures 4.80” x 9.20” for easy storage and portability!

Yoga Rings Guide Specifications

Foot Print (L x W) 4.80" x 9.20"
Colors Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple & Pink

Compact & Light

The Synergee Yoga Ring is small, light, and effective. It is the perfect addition to any commercial gyms, yoga studios, or aerobic classes. It is a must-have for any athletes looking to increase their flexibility.

Synergee Yoga Rings

Strong & Flexy

Working with the Yoga Ring can make you stronger AND more flexible. Incorporate the Yoga Ring into your bodyweight exercises, yoga poses and stretches to get strong and flexy. That is, you get the best of both worlds!

Synergee Yoga Rings Quad Stretch

Relieve Tight Muscles

Yoga Rings can be used in similar ways to foam rollers and lacrosse balls. They can be used to provide myofascial release and aid with stiff muscles, helping to ease pain, restore alignment, and increase the mobility of your muscles and joints.

Synergee Yoga Rings Neck Strengthening

Yoga Rings Specs


Brand Synergee
Foot Print
(L x W)
4.80" x 9.20"
Material Plastic
Color Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple & Pink

Synergee Yoga Rings Dimensions

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