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Synergee Weighted Sandbags V2

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Get Strength and Muscle Control using the Synergee Weighted Sandbags V2 with Shifting 40 or 60 Lb Sand Capacity

The Synergee Sandbag is a simple yet effective piece of workout equipment: a durable bag filled with sand made to be squatted, tossed, dragged, and flipped to help you burn fat, become stronger, and enhance your stabilization!

What makes our Synergee Sandbag such a unique piece of strength-training gear is that the sand inside can shift during your exercises, requiring you to constantly adapt to control and support this load. Our Sandbag can be used for a wide variety of movements & exercises; it’s basically impossible to avoid an awesome, full-body workout when you’re swinging this around!

We offer two sizes of Sandbag with 2 different load capacities: 40 lbs and 60 lbs. Our 40 lb Sandbag includes (2) loadable 20 lb-capacity bags to fill the Sandbag with. Our 60 lb Sandbag comes with (2) loadable 30-lb-capacity bags. Each bag is made from strong waterproof nylon Cordura, triple-stitched throughout to promise utmost durability, and fitted with premium Velcro and zipper fastenings that are easy to open but remain closed when in use.

Note, our Sandbags do not come weighted (i.e. do not come loaded with sand). This allows you to fill them with as heavy or as light as your training requires.


Weighted Sandbag Guide

40lb Sandbag 60lb Sandbag
Max Loadable Weight (lb) 40lb 60lb
Filler Bags 2 - 20lb bags 2 - 30lb bags
Material Triple Stitched Nylon Triple Stitched Nylon
Sand Included No No


Intensify Workouts

The Synergee Sandbag has 6 handles around the outer shell, providing many different grips for tons of awesome exercises. Plus, your ability to fill the bags as much or little as you need provides endless weight options. Switch your grip, add or remove weight, and keep your body guessing as you level up your workouts!

Synergee Weighted Sandbags V2


Customizable Weight

Whether you're a newbie or a pro, you can adjust the weight of the sandbag to match your fitness level and specific training needs. Simply add or remove sand to filler bags, or only throw one filler bag in the Shell! Synergee Sandbags are fillable up to 40lbs or 60lbs, offering a satisfying challenge for every athlete.

Synergee Weighted Sandbags V2 Durable


Designed Tough

Synergee’s filler bags feature double-stitched inner lining and Velcro closures to ensure no splitting or spilling while you’re working your butt off! Toss it & slam the Sandbag with confidence. The outer shell is triple-stitched throughout and fitted with a heavy-duty zipper & Velcro to ensure filled bags are locked in tight.

Synergee Weighted Sandbags V2 Tough Design 

 40 LB Sandbag Specifications

Synergee Weighted Sandbags V2 Specs for 40 Lb

Brand Synergee
Handles 6
Capacity (lb) 40lb
Color Black
Material Triple Stitched Nylon


60 LB Sandbag Specifications

Synergee Weighted Sandbags V2 60 Lb Specifications

Brand Synergee
Handles 6
Capacity (lb) 60lb
Color Black
Material Triple Stitched Nylon

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