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Synergee Wall Balls

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Get Explosive Power using Synergee Wall Balls with Grippy Handling

Synergee Wall Balls are here for tossing, squatting, cleaning, and more!

Our Wall Balls use a combination of high-quality PVC Leather and PP material for a soft feel and a grippy feel, so you can focus on your explosive power and not worry about poor handling.

Choose a weight - 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, or 20LB – and get moving. Every weight is the same size so you can advance to heavier gear without needing to adjust your grip or form.

The thick material is held together with double stitching to provide a durable, reliable piece of workout gear.  And each 14-inch diameter ball is stitched with utmost attention to detail and made from a grippy material that aids you in achieving an effective workout!

Full-Body Dynamic Movements

From Wall Balls to Squats, Cleans & Ground to Overheads, these Wall Balls do it all. Synergee Wall Balls are the go-to for athletes looking to get the most versatility and value out of their workout equipment.

Synergee Wall Balls builds Explosive Capabilities

Build Explosive Capacity

These wall balls are PERFECT for building your capacity for strength, speed, and overall power. With its durable design provides you the opportunity to perform explosive exercises to become better, faster, stronger!

Synergee Wall Balls Compact and Safe


Compact and Safe

Our Wall Balls are a relatively small, compact piece of equipment that has no sharp edges, so they take up little space AND they're family-friendly. It will fit perfectly into your fitness routine; and be the perfect addition to your garage, studio, living room, or wherever else you break a sweat!

Synergee Wall Balls Easy to Use


Synergee Wall Ball Specifications

Synergee Wall Balls Specifications

Brand Synergee


6lb | 8lb | 10lb | 12lb | 14lb | 16lb | 18lb | 20lb
Color Black
Diameter 14"
Stitching Double Stitched
Material PVC Leather & PP Material


Durable and Reliable

Our Wall Balls are constructed from the highest quality of PVC Leather and PP material that has great grip and longevity. This provides you with a piece of gear that will last through many, many workouts; and a piece of gear you will enjoy using.


Synergee Wall Balls Durable Stiching


14” Diameter

Each of our Wall Balls is 14” in diameter, no matter the weight. This makes it easy for you to move between weights, and no special storage is needed for the heavier vs lighter weights.

Synergee Wall Balls 14 Inch Diameter

Easy To Grip Loop

There is a loop on either side of the center stitching for an easy-to-grip option. This is especially helpful for holding on tight during Russian Twists or other Ab Exercises!

Synergee Wall Balls Easy to Grip Loop


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