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Synergee Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Red Kettlebells

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Synergee Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Kettlebells

Kettlebells, AKA that piece of fitness equipment that looks like a cannonball with a handle!

Similar to Indian clubs and macebells, the Kettlebell offers your body a unique challenge because its center of mass goes beyond the handle. This means multiple muscles get worked at once to move & control the Kettlebell’s unstable mass, resulting in more effective workouts in less time!

Synergee Kettlebells are a convenient, compact piece of equipment that store and travel well. They are available in various weights from 5 lbs to 50 lbs, suitable for all athletic abilities, and perfect for strength progressions. Each bell is made from heavy-duty cast iron and coated with a clean, sleek vinyl cover. The weight of each is easily identifiable thanks to the vinyl color-coding.

Swing ‘em, press ‘em, squat ‘em, and if you wanna get real whacky try doing a one-legged squat standing on the handle. I saw someone do that on YouTube once… Anyways. These kettlebells can do all that, and so much more!

Synergee Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Red Kettlebells

Clearly Labeled in Pounds 

These kettlebells look sharp and the weight is labeled clearly in pounds. It will look good while you’re swinging it around, and you’ll always know how much you are lifting! Clean. Professional. And – of course – an awesome workout tool

Synergee Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Red Kettlebells 15 LBs

Vinyl-Coated For Extra Toughness

These Kettlebells are made from cast iron to provide you with a long-lasting, indestructible weight. AND they are surrounded by a vinyl coating to protect the cast iron underneath from dings and scratches and to add a comfortable layer between you and the bell during cleans, goblet squats, and holds.

Synergee Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Red Kettlebells Single

Comfortable & Confident Grip

The cast iron is exposed along the handle to provide the right amount of grit and texture for the most comfortable, confident grip. Whether you’re a fan of chalk or not, this handle will help you hold on tight to finish every rep AFAP!

Synergee Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Red Kettlebells Grip

Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Kettlebells Specs

Brand Synergee
Kettlebell Weight 5-50lb
Dimensions Varies By Weight
Material Cast Iron
Coating Black Powder Coating & Vinyl

Handle Diameter 

5lb 0.87" Diameter
10lb 1.1" Diameter
15 - 20lb 1.2" Diameter
25lb 1.3" Diameter
30 - 35lb 1.4" Diameter
40 - 50lb 1.5" Diameter

Synergee Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Red Kettlebells Full Set

Perfect For Fixing Muscular Imbalances 

Using kettlebells for unilateral movements will help you become equally strong on both sides of your body! Kettlebells are perfect for fighting muscular imbalances since they allow you to lift with your right and left sides independently. This type of training helps build strength, endurance, and ward off injury.

Synergee Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Red Kettlebells Muscular Imbalance

Endlessly Versatile

Kettlebells are like magic portals into the world of endless workout opportunities. You can take them anywhere. You can do virtually any movement with them and get your heart rate UP! If all you have is a few square feet to work with and a kettlebell, that is more than enough to get a full-body workout in with these babies!

Synergee Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Red Kettlebells Overhand Extension

Weights For All

Our Synergee Kettlebells are available in 5 LB increments, starting at 5 lbs and going up to 50 lbs! There is a weight for every athlete out there and room for growth. Plus each weight is marked with the Synergee logo and the weight in pounds for easy identification.

Synergee Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Red Kettlebells at Rest

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