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Synergee Soft Plyo Boxes

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Jump onto the Synergee Soft Plyo Boxes with 3 Heights

Does the fear of scraping your shins keep you from performing explosive, jumping exercises that can make you faster, stronger, and a more powerful athlete? Say no more, we’ve got you covered!

Synergee’s Soft Plyo Box is affectionately nicknamed the “Ouch Proof Box” for that very reason! We recognize that you workout for a “hurt so good” feeling, not “ouch I hit my leg on a hard corner and need to sit out for a week” – so we made an exceptionally effective and safe-to-use Box. Don’t let the fear of falling keep you from unlocking your true potential!

This Plyo Box is made with a dense foam core, layered with a softer foam on all sides, and surrounded with an anti-slip shell. Hard enough to handle every plyometric movement you throw at it; soft enough to save you from injury. Minimal shin splitting and foot slipping. Maximum gains.


Soft-Plyo Chart

Size 16" x 14" x 12"
Ouch Proof Yes
Material High Density Foam
Weight (lb) 17lb


Don't worry about Injuries

The Synergee Soft Plyo Box has an ultra-dense foam core that is surrounded by a softer foam layer on all six sides. The Box is built with an indestructible design; but, just as important, it is designed so it won’t destroy your shins if you miss a jump.

SYNERGEE Soft Plyo Box



Each Box is encased in an anti-slip PVC shell to minimize slipping or sliding when your feet land or are anchored on top. No assembly is required. The Synergee Soft Plyo Box arrives ready for use and with all the safety features already in place.

Synergee Soft Plyo Boxes



Each box boasts multiple different heights, meaning you have different levels of intensity to work with. Each Box offers you challenging heights that motivate you to excel to new levels of fitness!

Synergee Soft Plyo Boxes 3 Heights


Synergee Soft Plyo Boxes Dimensions

Brand Synergee
Box Core Ultra High Density Foam
Surrounding Material Soft High Density Foam
Shell Material Non-Slip PVC
Max Weight 450lbs


Customer Reviews

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Sandra Daniels (Goodlettsville, US)
Synergee box

I bought a 12-14-16 step box in one for step ups and box jumps. I was pleasantly surprised because I had never heard of the company.

The box was inexpensive, yet well made and arrived in about three days. I typically stick products that I know.

Thank you Competitors Outlet for my new toy.