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Synergee Pro-Style Lat Bar Cable Attachment

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Get a Bigger Back with the Synergee Pro-Style Lat Bar with 24, 34, and 38-inch Grips

Build a bigger, better, stronger back with our Synergee Pro-Style Lat Bar Cable Attachments. We offer 3 different options of Lat Bars to hit your lats and target your traps, rhomboids, and serratus.

Each Lat Bar is compatible with a Cable Machine that has a standard carabiner attachment. Clip-in your Synergee Lat Bar of choice and get to work!

Synergee Lat Bars come in three sizes: 38”, 34”, and 24”. The 38” bar is angled; the 34” and 24” bars are straight. Each Bar has knurled handles on the ends for wide grip and a knurled bar in between for narrow pulldowns.

Each bar is constructed with solid steel, finished with chrome, and fitted with a smooth-moving swivel. Built to last and constructed to give you the best back workout ever!

24-Inch Grip Lat Bar

Close-grip pull-downs are perfect for building muscle. With a narrow grip, your shoulders and arms go through an increased range of motion and your muscles stay under tension for longer.

Synergee Pro-Style Lat Bar Cable Attachment

34-Inch Grip Lat Bar

Perform your pull-downs with a hammer grip and along this straight bar for an exercise that targets your lats and biceps. This bar is also perfect for behind-the-head pulldowns.

Synergee Pro-Style Lat Bar Pulldown

38-Inch Grip Lat Bar

Wide-grip pull-downs get your back involved and will help your latissimus dorsi get stronger and more defined. These Pulldown Bars will give you wings!

Synergee Pro-Style Lat Bar Wide Back

24" Pro Lat Bar Specs

Brand Synergee
Use Attachment
Knurling Standard
Handle Diameter 25 mm
Length 24"
Material Steel
Weight 8.5 lb


Synergee Pro-Style Lat Bar Cable Attachment Specs

34" BAR


Brand Synergee
Use Attachment
Knurling Standard
Handle Diameter 25 mm
Length 34"
Material Steel
Weight 11 lb


Synergee Pro-Style Lat Bar Cable Attachment Dimensions

38" Pro Lat Bar Specs

Brand Synergee
Use Attachment
Knurling Standard
Handle Diameter 25 mm
Length 38"
Material Steel
Weight 11.5 lb

Synergee Pro-Style Lat Bar Cable Attachment Features

Build A Powerful Back

Building the strength and stability of your traps, rhomboids, serratus, and lats will offer incredible benefits. A stronger back means better posture, improved spine, and injury prevention.

Synergee Pro-Style Lat Bar Size Reference

Lat Bars are made of Strong Steel 

Our Lat Bar Cable Attachments are all constructed with steel for a solid, long-lasting piece of gear. We finish it with chrome for aesthetic as well as a functional purposes. Looks great & will last through all the reps.

Synergee Pro-Style Lat Bar Cable Attachment Finish

Lat Bars are Pro-Style

These Lat Bars are Pro-Style: they feature knurled handles on either end, as well as knurling on the bar. Wide grips, narrow grips: workout your entire back on the Synergee Lat Bars like a pro!

Synergee Pro-Style Lat Bar Cable Attachment Knurling

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