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Synergee Gymnastic Rings

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Reveal your Weaknesses with the Synergee Gymnastic Rings

Working out with Synergee Gymnastic Rings is your first step towards identifying your weaknesses, so you can transform them into strengths.  These are the most revealing pieces of gym equipment – no one can hide from the no-nonsense honesty of The Rings.

Our rings come in two sizes (1” and 1.25”) and are made from premium quality wood that is sanded for your comfort. Each set comes with 2 x 15-Foot-Long Straps that are 1.5 inches wide, capable of holding up to 1000 lbs, and fitted with Metal Clamps. Our Gymnastic Rings can be used with or without Grip Tape. If you prefer a layer of tape on your rings, select the Rings with Grip Tape option to also receive 2 sets of Black and Red Grip Tape! This tape can be wrapped to increase grip and comfort.

Set up takes a mere 3 minutes, and takedown is just as fast. Grip tape also requires installation, and you can choose red or black to suit your style. The installation guide is available towards the bottom of this webpage and will walk you through the easy steps.

Gymnastic Rings Guide

Small Rings Large Rings
Diameter 7.75" 9.25"
Inside Ring Diameter 5.5" 6.75"
Ring Thickness 1" 1.25"
Weight 3.5 lb 4 lb


The list of exercises you can do with gymnastics rings is never-ending. Use the rings for great bodyweight workouts including pull-ups, push-ups, muscle-ups, dips, and rows. Test your strength, balance, and coordination as you fight gravity’s pull against your body – the ultimate challenge!

Synergee Gymnastic Rings

Strong & Durable

Our straps are 1.5" wide and capable of holding up to 1000 lbs! These straps are fitted with metal clamps that hold on TIGHT during your workouts and are easy to adjust when needed. The installation guide is available towards the bottom of this webpage and will walk you through the easy steps.

Synergee Gymnastic Rings Latch

Optional Grip Tape 

Select the rings with grip tape to add 2 sets of grip tape to your order. You can wrap a layer of grip to your rings in black or red; whichever suits your style! The grip is tough, with a bit of giving - so it will stay securely wrapped while providing a comfortable grip during your pull-ups, dips, muscle-ups, and more!

Synergee Gymnastic Rings Grip Tape

Gymnastic Ring Specs


Brand Synergee
Ring Diameters (Inches) 7.75" or 9.25"
Strap Length (Feet) 15'
Strap Thickness (Inches) 1.5"
Capacity (lbs) Up to 1000 lb
Material Premium Wood

Synergee Gymnastic Rings Specs

Easy Set & Travel Friendly 

Set up only takes 3 minutes. Throw the straps over any support, adjust the ring height, and start moving! Grip tape also requires installation. Bring your workout wherever life takes you. Soon enough, you’ll be thinking, “Ceiling beam? Tree branch? Jungle Gym? They all look like places to hang Gymnastic Rings to me!”

Synergee Gymnastic Rings, Good Luck.

Killer Core 

Unlike pull up and dip bars, these rings will challenge your core like no other! Fighting gravity’s pull on your body on nonstationary supports will provide gains in strength, stability, and coordination. You'll have awesome abs to complement your drool-worthy shoulders.

Synergee Gymnastic Rings with Users

Become A Gymnastics Pro 

Practice pull-ups, ring dips, muscle-ups, and L sits. Start from a dead hang; use bands for extra support; or keep your toes on a box to add a bit of leg propulsion to your movements. There is an option for athletes of every skill level!

Synergee Gymnastic Rings Exercise

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