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Synergee Cable Attachments Matte Black

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Synergee Cable Attachments Matte Black

A Pulley Machine can be the best piece of equipment you bring into your home gym, but only if the right attachments come with it. Our Cable Machine Attachments are sleek, sophisticated, and they're what you need to the ultimate upper body workout!

Our Handles come in a range of styles - Row Bars, Lat Bars, Bicep, and Tricep Bars. They will help you hit every angle to carve out that upper body physique you've been working towards! Each of these handles is designed with function and aesthetics in mind. They are all compatible with most cable machines with their universal attachment point - simply clip the carabiner into a metal ring and go! Each is constructed from steel and coated with a black, matte finish. It's a beautiful set of cable machine handles that will get you toned, chiseled, and strong!

Row Bar - Narrow

Develop your back's pulling muscles with rows! Build upper body strength, particularly your lats and rhomboids, to tone & strengthen - and, improve posture, protect your shoulders, and reduce your risk of injury!

Row Bar - Wide


Build your back muscles for a strong, sexy V-tapered backside. Attach it to a low or high setting to test the range of exercises this handle can provide. It's perfect for strengthening your lats and shoulders to meet your physique goals!

Lat Bar - Narrow

Perform your pull-downs with a hammer grip for an exercise that targets your lats and biceps. This bar is also perfect for behind-the-head pulldowns.

Lat Bar - Wide


Wide-grip pull downs get your back involved and will help your latissimus dorsi get stronger and more defined. These Pulldown Bars will give you wings!

Narrow Bicep Bar

Get those biceps firing! Grip this handle with your fingers wrapped around the outside and your thumbs through the holes, and isolate your biceps with some curls.

Narrow Tricep Bar

Weak triceps no more - this handle is made to hit them just right! Grip the handle with your thumbs through the holes, fingers wrapped around the outside.

Inverted Tricep Bar


The Inverted Tricep Pull Down also isolates your triceps, but at a different angle for your wrists. Built sturdy to handle every rep; and angled so you're comfortable, too!

Anchor Bar


Grip those handles and get to work! The Anchor Bar is the perfect tool for performing compound upper body movements that result in stronger arms, shoulders, and chest.

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