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Synergee Battle Rope

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Whip the Synergee Battle Ropes with Dacron Material

Synergee's Battle Ropes are second to none. These ropes are made from three strands of strong Dacron material that are wound together & covered in nylon to withstand friction, fraying, and your toughest workouts.

Plus it comes with an extra Nylon Rope Protector for the anchor point. AND the handles are shrink-wrapped to keep the ends from fraying and provide your hands with a great grip. In conclusion, this gear is TOUGH and STRONG!

These Ropes were designed specifically for high-intensity workouts; from MMA, HIIT, CrossFit, specific sports training, and beyond, you can depend on these Ropes to prepare you for any battle life faces you with! The numerous Movements you can exert on this rope provide your shoulders, core, arms, glutes, and legs with an unrelenting workout.

Available in 1.5" or 2” diameter and come in 30/40/50 ft lengths. Each rope comes with a protective sleeve and mounting kit that allows you to create an anchor point on a concrete or wood wall.

Battle Rope Guide

30' Rope 40' Rope 50' Rope
Rope Material Dacron Dacron Dacron
Sleeve Material Nylon Nylon Nylon
Protective Anchor Sleeve Yes Yes Yes
Mounting Hardware Included Yes Yes Yes
Synergee Logo On Handle Yes Yes Yes


To perform Arm Circles, grip the Battle Ropes with palms facing the floor, arms extended, and move your arms in circles moving outwards and inwards. Feel that burn in your forearms and shoulders!

Synergee Battle Rope


Power Slams require you to start in a deep squat position & hold on tight to those ropes. Bring the ropes above your head and then slam them down to the ground in one motion. Feels good, looks badass, and it's good for you!

Synergee Battle Rope Slam


Single Arm waves not only look cool, but they'll also make you sweat! Hold a partial squat while griping a rope-end in each hand. Create waves with each hand - when your left arm goes up your right arm goes down, and vice versa. Go hard & go fast.

Synergee Battle Rope Wave



Brand Synergee
Length 30', 40', 50'
Diameter 1.5"
Color Black With Red Logo
Rope Material Drycon
Sleeve Material Nylon
Synergee Battle Rope Pile



Brand Synergee
Length 30', 40', 50'
Diameter 2"
Color Black With White Logo
Rope Material Drycon
Sleeve Material Nylon

Synergee Battle Rope Material 


Workouts that are simple & effective stand the test of time. Undulation ropes broke into the fitness world years ago, and they are here to stay. Exercise Experts refer to Battle Rope Exercises as “running for the upper body” – but with this type of “running”, you get to wave, whip, and slam big ropes around like a bad arse! Which is way more fun.

Synergee Battle Rope Side View


You will never get bored with these Ropes. These ropes have been used for football training, mixed martial arts, CrossFit, and any other exercise program that runs on high-intensity, whole-body Strength and Conditioning training. Wave, Slam, Thrust, Toss, Squat, and more with these Battle Ropes!

Synergee Battle Rope Handles


This package includes everything you need for a full-body, battle rope exercise. This pack includes (1) Battle Rope, 30/40/50 foot long rope; (1) Mount Kit, with bolts for Concrete and Wood Anchor Points; (1) Protective Sleeve (on rope), with extra, short sleeve to protect from friction at the anchor point

Synergee Battle Rope Length

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