Synergee Adjustable Dip Station
Synergee Adjustable Dip Station quality construction
Synergee Adjustable Dip Station 4 Adjustable Heights
Synergee Adjustable Dip Station Dimensions L 27" x W 20" x H 39"
Synergee Adjustable Dip Station Padded Handles
Synergee Adjustable Dip Station Pin Lock system
Synergee Adjustable Dip Station exercise positions
Synergee Adjustable Dip Station Black
Synergee Adjustable Black Dip Station with Steel constructions
Synergee Adjustable Dip Station Black - 4 Height Variations
Synergee Adjustable Dip Station Black - Dimensions L 27" x W 20.5" x H 39"
Synergee Adjustable Dip Station Black padded handles
Synergee Adjustable Dip Station Black Pin Lock system

Synergee Adjustable Dip Station

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    Synergee Dip Station

    The Synergee Dip Station is exactly what you need to add dynamic, challenging, bodyweight exercise to your workouts. Complete your home gym with this station for dips, inverted pull-ups, L sits, handstand push-ups, and more! It’s adjustable – with a quick turn of a screw, it can go from 30” to 39” in height – and it’s portable – set up and take down your dip station in seconds.

    Choose between yellow or black to suit your space aesthetically as well as functionally. Each order comes with 2 dip bars. Each dip bar stands on a 20.5”-long base with a 24”-wide top bar. The max capacity is 400 lbs. Each top bar is covered in a foam layer to provide a comfortable grip for your hands.

    Stable. Portable. Adjustable. It’ll be your new favorite piece of gym equipment!


    This Dip Station is designed to fit your body and your workout! Set the height higher for inverted pull-ups and lower for elevated push-ups. Whatever your needs, this bar can match them.



    Each Dip Bar is fitted with a foam grip pad to help you hold on longer and with less pain. The pad is soft on the hands and will help you make it through an extra rep or two!


    The base of each dip bar is 20.5 inches long and capped with rubber feet for a secure hold. You’ll feel safe and supported will you chase those gains!





    Brand Synergee
    Capacity 400 lb
    Color Black or Yellow
    Height 30" - 39"
    Handle Length 24"
    Handle Diameter 44mm
    Footprint 27" x 20.5"
    Material Steel



    Dips pair perfectly with pull-ups - and now, they can be done anywhere! Set up your dip station at a comfortable distance, such that your shoulders can stack over the dip bars during the exercise. Start at the top with arms extended, then bend your knees to lift your feet off the ground and work those arms as you descend and ascend in the dip!

    Synergee Adjustable Dip Station



    Flip that dip station to work on your push-ups! The extra distance created between your chest and the ground gives you a challenging change in depth. This will require you to descend a little deeper and recruit some new upper body muscles to push back to starting position.



    Target your core with an L Sit hold. With arms extended, shoulders pinched back, use your abdominal muscles to lift your legs until they are parallel to the ground with legs extended and toes pointing to the sky. Too difficult? Bend your knees, and see how long you can keep your thighs parallel to the ground!

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