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Synergee 5 Bar Holder

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Get Organized with the Synergee 5 Bar Holder with Protective Plastic 

A Synergee 5 Bar Holder keeps your bars organized and the Protective Plastic will avoid metal-on-metal contact scratching.

You'll never have to search the garage again or trip over your weight bar to complete your workout. Your workouts will feel less chaotic, more organized, and you'll be able to select from a variety of bars depending on your workout for the day.

We have two options for our vertical 5 barbell holders: Version 1 (boxed) and Version 2 (flat bottomed). Both will save you space and store your bars safely.

Version 1 has a 12" x 12" and stands 7.5" tall. Each bar setting is lined with protective plastic, allowing your bar sleeves to avoid metal-on-metal contact: an added feature to help you avoid scratched sleeves!

Version 2 has a flat bottom and takes up a 12" x 12" square of floor. Each Bar Setting stands 7" high; Version 2 Pegs is NOT lined with plastic liner. The Rack must be bolted to the floor - all hardware required is included.

Both Holders are constructed from high-grade steel, laser cut & welded to fit your Synergee Games, Regional, Open, EZ Curl and Rhino bar – of course, you have at least one of each! Both bar racks will increase the longevity of your bars, protect their sleeves and knurling, and create more space in your home, garage, or commercial gym!

5 Bar Holder Guide

Version 1 Version 2
Dimensions (LxWxH) 12" x 12" x 7.5" 12" x 12" x 7"
Max Capacity 5 Bars 5 Bars
Protective Lining In Pegs Yes No
Mounts To Floor Not Applicable Yes
Material Steel Steel
Includes Hardware Not Applicable Yes
Weight 16.5lb 16lb

Synergee 5 Bar Holder

Sturdy and Free-Standing

Version 1 of the Synergee 5 Bar Holder is designed with an evenly weighted boxed design, lazer cut with the Synergee logo, for you to set anywhere in your gym for immediate increased storage capacity. No bolting required.

Synergee 5 Bar Holder Bar Protection

Built-In Bar Protection

Each peg on Version 1 is lined with a plastic lining to provide extra bar protection. Avoid metal-on-metal contact between your bar sleeves and the rack with this feature that is exclusive to Version 1.


Synergee 5 Bar Holder Organization

Organized & Professional

This 7 gauge steel rack was created with the intention to bring more space and order to your home/garage gym. Enhance your gym space with this mark of professionalism: it will motivate you to workout and make you the envy of your workout buddies!



Synergee 5 Bar Holder Version 1 Dimensions

5 Bar Holder - Version 1 Specifications

Brand Synergee
Use Storage
Pegs 5
Protective Lining Yes
Material Steel
Mounts To Floor Not Applicable
Finish Sleek Black Powder Coat
Includes Hardware Not Applicable
Weight 16.5lb



Synergee 5 Bar Holder Version 2 Specifications

5 Bar Holder - Version 2 Specifications

Brand Synergee
Use Storage
Pegs 5
Protective Lining No
Material Steel
Mounts To Floor Yes
Finish Sleek Black Powder Coat
Includes Hardware Yes
Weight 16 lb




Synergee 5 Bar Holder Flat Bottom

Flat Bottomed

Version 2 of our Synergee 5 Bar Holder has a minimalist design: 7 gauge steel forged into 5 vertical pegs to hold your bars & set on a sturdy base to provide an unobtrusive storage option.

Synergee 5 Bar Holder Space Saver

Ultimate Space Saver

This Bar Holder takes up a square foot of space, it can be set anywhere in your gym, and will hold 5 of your barbells vertically and out of the way. Better storage = more space for gains!


Synergee 5 Bar Holder Hardware Included

All Hardware Included

Version 2 requires bolting to the floor. But don’t you worry – all the bolts required come with the Rack! Installation is quick and easy; you’ll be storing your bars in no time!

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