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Daily Shipping Deal: Free Shipping over $100 to Lower 48 States - ⭐ Rated 4.8/5 by Trusted Athletes
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SunRay 3-Person Savannah Sauna HL300K

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Room in a 3-Person HL300K SunRay Savannah Sauna?

The SunRay Savannah 3-person indoor infrared sauna features rich Canadian red cedar wood for durability with a pleasing aroma and a spacious cabin.

The Savannah features 8 carbon nano heaters for quick and evenly dispersing the heat throughout the cabin. Standard features include dual interior and exterior control pads, movable ergonomic backrests for maximum comfort, a 7-color chromotherapy mood lighting, an oxygen ionization system for purifying the air, interior, and exterior lighting. The Savannah is also equipped with a  Bluetooth speaker system, cup holders, and more.


Key Features Savannah 3-Person Sauna: 
  • Natural Canadian Red Cedar
  • Temperature reaching up to 140F degrees
  • 8 infrared carbon nano heaters
  • Dual LED control panels
  • Ergonomic Backrest
  • Recessed interior & exterior lighting
  • Bluetooth speaker system 
  • Oxygen Ionizer
  • LED Reading Lamp


Tech Specs of the Savannah 3-Person Sauna:

  • Dimensions: 59" W x 45" D x 75" H
  • ETL/CSA Certified – Meets all US and Canadian electrical safety standards 
  • 1965 watts
  • 120V, 20-amp plug
  • Product Weight: 345


Shipping for a SunRay 3 Person HL300K Sauna:

7-10day delivery lead time


    Warranty of the Savannah 3-Person Sauna:

    7 Years - Guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship 

      Downloads of the Savannah 3-Person Sauna:

      Owners Manual 
      Warranty Page


      Frequently Asked Questions

      How does an Infrared Sauna Work?

      Infrared heaters in the sauna emit FAR Infrared heat which is a narrow band of energy within the 5.6 to 15-micron level. This type of energy closely resembles the natural human spectrum so it’s easily absorbed by the body tissue. The body reacts by sweating profusely which has many health benefits including detoxification, improved blood flow, circulation, and weight loss.

      Do SunRay Saunas Emit EMF?

      SunRay, unlike many manufacturers, does not use wires to conduct FAR Infrared heat, rather we apply the perfect thickness of ultra-conductive carbon to an epoxy resin panel activated by positive and negative copper strips on either side. The epoxy resin panel is then laminated which results in ultra-low EMF levels safe for continuous use.

      What is the best temperature for a Sauna?

      The appropriate temperature for a sauna depends on your preference. Most people enjoy their saunas at temperatures between 150-170 Fahrenheit for traditional steam saunas and 120- 130 degrees Fahrenheit for infrared saunas.

      How long should I stay inside a sauna?

      Although this varies from person to person, one can often stay in the sauna until one starts to feel uncomfortable. Normally, use the sauna for 10 to 15 minutes before leaving and cooling off for a while. After that, you're free to spend another session in the sauna again. Set the temperature and humidity level ( if you are using a traditional sauna) to your ideal level. If you begin to feel dizzy or uncomfortable, simply leave the sauna and cool off. 

      How is the sauna packaged?

      To ensure the sauna arrives undamaged, SunRay Saunas comprise wooden panels that are already packaged in cardboard boxes and then placed on a wooden pallet. The cardboard boxes may be taken off the pallet and fit through any door that is at least 24" wide.

      Does the sauna come pre-assembled? 


      How long does it take to assemble the sauna? 

      Most SunRay sauna models are assembled in around an hour. Two people are needed for assembly. Please refer to the assembly instructions for more details on how to assemble the unit.

      Are there any special tools required to assemble the sauna?

      No, all you need is a Phillips head screwdriver or a drill with a Phillips head bit to put the sauna together.

      What voltage does my sauna require?

      All SunRay saunas run on 110V and have UL listed plugs. Some larger saunas need a 20 amp circuit and a non-standard 20 amp outlet.

      Can I place the sauna on the second floor?

      Yes, you can install a sauna on the second level. The majority of saunas weigh between 300 and 400 lbs.

      Can I use the sauna outdoors?

      All SunRay saunas must be used indoors unless specifically labels as an outdoor saunas. Indoor saunas are not appropriate for use outside. Outdoor saunas must have a cover over them while not in use.

      How do I clean the sauna?

      First, unplug the sauna and make sure it is cool before cleaning. To clean the wooden interior of your sauna mix 3 teaspoons of baking soda into a gallon of warm water. Use a towel to wipe down the interior with the baking soda and water mixture. Then wipe the sauna down with a wet towel and let dry. The glass in your sauna can be cleaned with glass cleaner. If you have an outdoor sauna, use a standard garden hose on a low/mist setting to wash out the interior. Make sure to leave the door open so the sauna can dry.

      How often do I need to clean the sauna?

      If you use the sauna frequently, you should clean the sauna every six months or at your discretion. Towel use in the sauna will help collect a lot of the body's perspiration, reducing the need to clean the sauna as often.

      How soon will my sauna be shipped after purchase?

      Products that are in stock will be delivered the following business day after an order is placed. Orders placed over the weekend will be dispatched the following business day or Monday. We try to keep all products in stock however we may not have stock of some items due to demand. Please contact us at (646) 657-8856 to confirm if you have any questions regarding stock, ETA's, and other sauna queries. 


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