Ropeflex RX4400 Apex Rope Climbing Machine
Ropeflex RX4400 Apex Rope Climbing Machine
Ropeflex RX4400 Apex Rope Climbing Machine
Ropeflex RX4400 Apex Rope Climbing Machine
Ropeflex RX4400 Apex Rope Climbing Machine

Ropeflex RX4400 Apex Rope Climbing Machine

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    Why Buy From Competitors Outlet

    Ropeflex will take your workout to uncharted territories, with the APEX, the newest model in our line of exercise equipment. The one-of-a-kind engineering combines Ropeflex trusted progressive resistance technology of rope-pulling resistance training with the ultra-effective cardiovascular benefits of an integrated incline treadmill. It’s versatile engineering is well-suited for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users, alike. The APEX provides a unique combination of ergonomic, natural, and functional movements as well as the benefits of low-impact weight-bearing incline training and continuous resistance. APEX modular design accommodates independent use of the treadmill or rope-exercise. Thus, APEX is just as effective for separate cardio or resistance training, as well as the ultimate combination of both. Used properly, APEX is as safe as walking – but it is up to 5 times more effective than conventional resistance training and cardio combined! The flexibility of rope training allows for endless exercise variety and full range of motion without the risk of high-impact exercise. APEX striking design is a call to action; a bold new alternative to the monotony of traditional exercise – Do you dare take the challenge?      


    Automatically adjusts resistance from 110lbs up to 200lbs, based on pulling speed and intensity.  


    Mounting brackets are compatible with almost all rack or rigs. Attach to uprights,
    crossbeams, even concrete walls.


    GET A GRIP on ROPEFLEX's durable and pliable, polyester-weaved rope. Soft on hands and easy-to-clean. Available in black or burgundy-black colors. 
    Exclusive interactive training system for club memebers, group training, and individuals. 

    Easy add-on to any upright post. 8-position pop-in enables vertical, horizontal and diagonal pull configurations for arms, back, core, legs. One machine, full-body workout. Use one upright or multiple uprights for group training. 

    Key Features

    • Compact horizontal rope trainer
    • Unique design that easily fits anywhere
    • Soft-Braided rope for easy and comfortable grip
    • Continuously adjusting Progressive Resistance
    • Wheels for easy unit positioning
    • Compatible with HIPERVISION virtual training system



    Length: 90" (229cm) 

    Width: 42" (107cm) 

    Height: 90" (229 cm) 

    Weight: 385lbs (175kg) 

    Customer Reviews

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    Dr. Heather Riggs (Fort Lauderdale, US)
    The most professional company ever

    When it comes time for me to buy any of my gym equipment, I’ll always come back to competitors outlet! From my rope climbing machine to my torque bags.. even my mountain climbing machine have all been the highest quality. In my opinion even better than the machines in most gyms. However what really makes this company amazing and brings me back time and time again is the customer service. From Shelly to Tom - any question is answered, any problem solved! Shelly has gone above and beyond to make sure that I am 100% satisfied that any customers 100% satisfied. This is a company that thrives for perfection in a client and provider environment. So many companies give you a product and then as soon as you receive the item there’s no relationship. If a questions or concern arises there are problems. Not with Competitors outlet!!! They always has your best interest in mind. I would never go anywhere else for one single piece of equipment no matter how small or how large they are amazing!!!!!! I give my hat off to Shelly for always corresponding with me on delivery dates to my expectations they are just a wonderful outfit and I recommend them to anyone both commercially and privately