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Get an Aesthetic and Functional appeal with Dynamic  Cold Therapy .6 HP Chiller with  Intuitive WiFi Connectivity

Dynamic Cold Therapy Chiller Overview

Experience the best of both worlds with the Dynamic Cold Therapy .6 HP Chiller. This system offers advanced cold and heat functions, seamless integration with Dynamic Cold Therapy tubs, intuitive WiFi connectivity, and a robust warranty for peace of mind.
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Dynamic Cold Therapy Chiller Features

  • Designed for cooling and heating plunges up to 120 gallons - Efficiently cools or heats large volumes of water for therapeutic applications
  • Powerful and efficient .6 hp rotary compressor - Provides powerful cooling and heating capabilities with energy efficiency
  • 37°F to 85°F temperature settings - Allows for precise temperature control for customized therapy sessions
  • Cooling Speed: 1-3°F every 40 min - Quickly adjusts water temperature to desired levels for immediate use
  • Built-in self-priming water circulation pump - Ensures consistent water flow for optimal performance
  • Two-stage water filtration system - Filters water effectively to maintain water quality and cleanliness
  • Automated natural ozone sanitation system - Keeps water sanitized and free from harmful bacteria
  • Splash-proof digital touch screen - Easy to use interface for convenient control and monitoring
  • Wi-Fi enabled for mobile device control and automation - Allows for remote control and scheduling via smartphone app
  • Indoor and covered outdoor rated - Suitable for use in various environments for versatile applications
  • Uses a standard 110v power outlet - GFCI built in - Conveniently plugs into standard outlets with built-in safety features
  • Quick connect hoses (Pair – 2 Hoses) - Facilitates easy setup and connection to water source
  • Pre-installed water filter plus one replacement filter - Includes filters for immediate use and future replacements
  • Filter housing wrench - Tool provided for easy filter replacement maintenance
  • 1yr warranty and lifetime product support - Provides assurance and support for long-term product satisfaction
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Dynamic Cold Therapy Chiller Specs

Specs Features
Dimensions 17"(W) x 12"(D) x 19"(H)
Shipping Dimensions 23"(W) x 17"(D) x 24"(H)
Weight 75 lbs
Shipping Weight 80 lbs
Model DCT-SY-06-HC
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Dynamic Cold Therapy Chiller Installation Manual

If you need more information on the specifications, installation, warranty, etc -- Please check out the Owner's Manual.

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