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Daily Shipping Deal: Free Shipping over $100 to Lower 48 States - ⭐ Rated 4.8/5 by Trusted Athletes
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Force Fitmill Magnetic Manual Treadmill Double Flywheel

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Set new fitness goals and break personal bests with the SF-T7723 Force Fitmill Treadmill. This heavy-duty fitness training device provides everything needed for a maximum intensity workout and improved muscular power. The self-powered treadmill stands at a fixed incline of 13.5% promoting a more fluid running motion. The high-density handrails support multi-grip functioning which encourages a versatile yet challenging cardio session. The slip-resistant rails also mimic sled training which allows you to place your shoulders and push against the tread to develop acceleration strength. Increase up to an incredible 16 levels of magnetic tension for a workout proven to increase your performance during both hilly and flat terrain running courses. Dual flywheel structures work together to create a more stable and smooth response for the user. The weight of both flywheels requires a higher energy demand from the user to get the belt started. This can cause a greater metabolic demand or more calories. This is increased when you increase the resistance levels.



Safety grip rails allow you to hop on and off when you need to start or stop your running workout.


16 Magnetic Resistance Levels:

Fixed Incline and 16 magnetic tension levels provide the opportunity for a full-body cardio workout. Challenge your body with speed or with 16 levels of adjustable resistance and really push your performance to the next level.


Dual Structure Flywheels:

Creates stable and smooth responses for users. The weight of flywheels requires a higher energy demand from the user to get the belt started. Increases speed, power output, and tensions.


Soft Drop System:

The soft-drop hydraulic mechanism on the Sunny treadmills is a great feature that allows the deck to gently lower itself to the floor. The soft drop hydraulic mechanism assures safe, hands-free unfolding. No longer will you fear dropping your treadmills base on your precious floors. Fold your treadmill for storage and unfold your treadmill when it’s time to work out.


Transportation Wheels:

Making the transformation of your home into your own personal fitness studio is effortless with these convenient transport wheels. Simply tilt and roll out for use or away for storage. ..no need for heavy lifting or muscle strain. The wheels at the front of the unit allow the user to move their unit around with ease, from room to room or store it away out of sight.


Ample Tread Deck:

The manual treadmill measures at 59L x 27W x 55H inches with a max weight of 300 lb and 53L x 16W in running deck.



Easy fold design locks and holds running deck upright, while built-in soft drop technology slowly lowers deck to floor.




  • Multi-grip handrails
  • Manual tread deck
  • 16 Resistance levels
  • 13.5% Set incline


  • Soft-drop system
  • 53L x 16W in the running deck
  • Foldable
  • Transportation wheels


  • 300 lb Weight capacity
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Dual Flywheels
  • Fixed incline


  • Warranty: 3 year structural frame 180 days other parts and components
  • Product weight: 110 lb
  • Product dimensions: 59L x 27W x 55H in
  • Folded dimensions: 31L x 27W x 58H in
  • Ship weight: 126.5 lb
  • Ship dimensions: 65.9L x 30.8W x 14.6H in


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can I fold the treadmill for storage?

Yes! The treadmill can be easily and safely folded and unfolded with the soft drop hydraulic mechanism, and moving the treadmill to storage from your workout space is made easy with the transportation wheels.

Does this treadmill require electricity?

No, the treadmill does not need to be plugged in and the treadmill belt is powered by the speed of the user.

What is the benefit of using a manual treadmill?

Manual treadmills are great for high-intensity workouts as your walking or running speed will apply the momentum to the flywheels.

What is the maximum weight the treadmill will support?

Feel confident in our durable design with a 300LB max user weight limit.

How does the magnetic resistance work for my treadmill exercise

The magnetic resistance applies resistance progressively to the flywheel making it more challenging to get the treadmill up to speed and burn more calories while conditioning your lower body further. There are 16 magnetic resistance levels available on this treadmill.

What is the incline on this treadmill?

This treadmill has a fixed incline of 13%.

Is this treadmill easy to assemble?

Yes! The assembly is simple and requires on a few easy steps. All tools required for assembly are included.

How do I keep my product in top working condition?

User manuals have recommended maintenance for your equipment. Manuals can be downloaded from our website on each product page, please search for your product to visit the product page.

What is the warranty of my elliptical machine?

There is a 3-year warranty on the structural frame and 180-day warranty on other parts and components.


Owner's Manual 

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